Winebox Kelly Barrette To Juli Casale: Welcome To Splitsville!

December 15, 2023
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Rats Jump From Casale’s Sinking Ship! Winebox Kelly Barrette And Rita Rana Allegedly Tell Juli Casale, “Welcome To Splitsville, Baby!” 

This is what happens when you waste your Botox money on cheap merlot and hair dye.

In news that you will only read on Delray Beach Confidential, Winebox Kelly Barrette has allegedly had a falling out with former Commissioner Juli Casale. Casale lost her re-election in March to Rob Long.

Delray Beach Confidential has been getting flooded with tips. It all started after we broke the news that Juli Casale recruited local pervert David Torgerson to her campaign. No, we don’t mean Torgerson’s flaccid purple helmeted warrior.

You know, the same one he proudly displayed to a sheriff deputy in John Prince Park.

We actually do mean real news tips.

Word on the Avenue is that Casale and her supporters have hit the skids. We’re talking skids like when Mitch Katz discovers Golden Corral closes early on Christmas Eve.

Casale’s current campaign crew was made up of the same people who drove her last campaign into the nether regions of of the Twilight Zone. The same rag tag group of drunken suburban housewives co-opted from the Shelly Petrolia Psycho Squad.

The spat allegedly has to do with a drunken argument the two had several weeks ago about who’s husband is a better sugar daddy. 

Did Winebox Kelly Barrette And Rita Bove/Rana Really Defect Or Is It A Clumsy Ruse By Two Drunks?

In fact, we’ve been told that Winebox Kelly and her drinking pal Rita Rana, aka Rita Bove, held secret meetings with Casale’s commission rival Nick Coppola.

Word is that that the drunken duo aired their grievances about Casale’s performance in office. Sources also say the two complained about her drinking and ghetto taste in wine. Apparently, Casale preferred MD 20/20, Thunderbird and Cisco. Where as, Bove and Barrette prefer the upscale 3-liter bottles of Paul Masson on sale at Total Wine.

Or, maybe they finally realized that the copies of a fake Harvard diploma flashes around to people is a fraud. 

Did Winebox Kelly really defect to Camp Coppola? Is it a ruse? Did she and Rana take a correspondence class from, on deception and espionage? Only time will tell.

More Trouble In Paradise

Gayle Clark

Rabid Petrolia Kool-Aid drinker Gayle Clark,  donated to Shirley Johnson’s doomed campaign.

Elsewhere in dirty Delray politics, things are unusually unpredictable.

Golden Shower enthusiast Gayle Clark has also apparently broke ranks with her comrades in the Petrolia pack. Campaign finance records show Clark donated to Shirley Johnson’s hopeless mayoral campaign. Did Ryan Boylston spurn her sexual advances. 

Clark loves to carry on about women’s empowerment. That is when she isn’t busy trying to recruit 20 year old men and their fathers for a Sportsman’s Double at the Hideaway Bar.  pissing on neighbors lawns. So it makes sense that she would contribute to a female mayoral campaign.

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