Casale Recruits Local Pervert As Campaign Spokesperson

December 12, 2023
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Juli Casale Recruits Local Pervert David “Jerkin’ The Gherkin” Torgerson As Campaign Spokesman

Charlatan Juli Casale has recruited public masturbator David Torgerson as her campaign spokesperson.

Not to be outdone, Juli Casale has recruited a well-known Delray Beach pervert. David Torgerson was arrested for masturbating and soliciting sex from a cop in John Prince Park, Torgerson will Casale’s campaign spokesperson for her campaign to reclaim her seat she lost in March. You can read the police report detailing Torgerson’s shame here.

More recently, Torgerson tortured his neighbors in his Section 8 apartment building. 

Neighbors Have Filed Dozens Of Complaints About Torgerson

The complaints against David Torgerson paint him as one sick and twisted monster:

  • Torgerson unleashed an army of bedbugs in the community center and openly bragged about it. He had hoped to infest the entire building.
  • On numerous occasions, Torgerson also threatened run over his elderly neighbors who were walking their dogs with his car
  • In addition, Torgerson stalks his neighbors on the walkways and in the elevator with a lead pipe.
  • Torgerson has also been seen crouching in the corner of the building elevator recording people with his cell phone. Elderly neighbors say this creeps them out and they refuse to get in the elevator with him.
  • An 83-year-old resident claimed Torgerson stalked her and would follow her around with his phone video recording her when she took her dog for a walk.
  • Torgerson called an African-American delivery man, “Boy.” 
  • One neighbor alleges Torgerson began harassing her brother with Cerebral Palsy and called him a “Retard.”

David Torgerson was also busted peeping in the windows of former Delray Beach Commissioner Jordana Jarjura’s home. Jarjura’s ex-husband chased Torgerson away when he came outside with a loaded gun. 

Torgerson claims to be gay. Yet, he why was watching allegedly watching Jarjura undress is still a mystery. 

Is David “Jerkin’ The Gherkin” Torgerson Up To The Challenge?

Being a spokesperson for Casale is a big job. Is Torgerson up to the challenge of being Casale’s spokesperson without acting like a total jackass? Probably not. 

Will be able lie to people with convincing straight face about Casale’s fake Harvard degree? Probably not.

He did try to promote Casale’s denials about refusing to pay a Black insurance adjuster after her Connecticut trailer fire.

When we broke the story last year, Casale and Torgerson accused Delray Beach Confidential of lying and running a smear campaign even though the lawsuit link and a copy of the complaint were in the article. 

For her last campaign, Casale used ‘Winebox’ Kelly Barrette as manager/spokesperson. Barrette famously had a hit-and-run outside of Delray Beach city hall. She proceeded to use her white privilege  and friendship with Shelly Petrolia get a minimal fine. 

She and her husband also allegedly hightailed it out of Boston under suspicions of scamming Medicare. 

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