Pervert Jim Chard: Torrid Affairs And Trading Sex for Rent

February 21, 2024
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Pervert Jim Chard Has A History Of Torrid Romances And Letting Young Women Trade Sex For Rent In His Delray Beach Home

Jim Chard

Geriatric pervert Jim Chard has a history of torrid affairs with young girls and trading sex for rent.

It appears Mayor Shelly Petrolia’s husband isn’t the only sexual deviant in Delray Beach. You may recall, Tony Petrolia’s ex-wife accused him of having sex with underage girls.

Now, Delray Beach Confidential has learned that Commission candidate Jim Chard also has a liking for young girls. However, geriatric pervert Jim Chard likes his girls between 18-25 years old. 

Do these girls like to drink and get high? Is Chard pulling a Bill Cosby by serving up roofie coladas to the girls? One can only guess.  

Why would 20-something girls have sex with an 80-year-old geriatric with a drooping ball sack? Again, it’s anyone’s guess.

However, the geriatric candidate does use his Delray Beach home at 401 Se 4th Avenue as a flop house for wayward young women passing through town or coming out of one of Delray Beach’s plethora of halfway houses.

Chard has used his MBA from Harvard to conceive a novel way to evade the Florida hotel tax. The former commissioner trades sexual favors from the young women in lieu of rent like a fake landlord in a bad Pornhub video. 

Is PBC Tax Collector Anne Gannon The Ghislaine Maxwell To Pervert Jim Chard’s Jeffrey Epstein?

did tony petroliaYou would think Jim Chard’s Lolita fetish and playing Jimmy The Sower would be a major turn off for most of the post-menopausal women he dates in Delray Beach. However, they seem to find Chard’s bizarre sexual fetishes and lifestyle fascinating.

One woman told Delray Beach Confidential she found his Bidenesque senility kind of sexy. 

Chard has had countless torrid affairs with a who’s who of political women young and old of Palm Beach County including his current girlfriend Palm Beach County Tax Collector Anne Gannon

Does Anne Gannon know about what goes on in Chard’s house? Does she help him recruit these women? Feel free to call her and ask her at (561) 355-2264.

Jim Chard Abandons His Black Minister Wife To Fend For Herself On Mean Streets Of Harlem

Pervert Jim Chard

Rev. Linda Tarry-Chard

Jim Chard bought the house at 401 Se 4th Avenue as second home with his now-estranged wife, Rev. Linda Tarry-Chard in 2005. Reverend Tarry-Chard is a pastor of the Riverside Church in Harlem. However, it appears the two are still legally married. No divorce decree can be found on the New York State Court System.

After buying the Delray Beach home, Jim Chard soon became intoxicated by the debauchery and hedonistic lifestyle of South Florida. 

As a result, he began spending more and more time in Delray Beach. Finally, in 2011, Chard abandoned his estranged wife to leave her fending for herself on the mean streets of Harlem. He also convinced her to sign off her ownership in the Delray Beach house. 

In 2017, Chard beat Shelly Petrolia gal pal Winebox Kelly Barrette for a seat on the Delray Beach Commission. Shortly after becoming a Commissioner, Chard started having a secret relationship with Palm Beach County Tax Collector Anne Gannon.

About a year later, two employees walked in Chard and former Assistant City Manager Suzanne Fisher involved in a half naked grope fest on a conference table in city hall. Fisher was dating golf course employee Andrew Reeder at the time. Consequently, Chard and Fisher used their positions and their influence to have the employees fired for witnessing the incident.


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