Who Is Debra Tendrich? She’s A Big Fat Fraud.

September 13, 2023
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Who is Debra Tendrich? This Heavy Weight Is A Self-Proclaimed Health And Fitness Diva Who Appears To Be Nothing But A Big Fat Fraud?

Debra TendrichDebra Tendrich recently announced that she is leaving Delray Beach.

Tendrich has a big dreams to run for a seat in the Florida House of Representatives.

Tendrich filed to run as a Democrat in HD-89. District 89 runs from Hypoluxo Road to Southern Blvd between Dixie Highway and for some god-forsaken area West of Military Trail.

We’ve had her fat ass on our radar for some time here at DBC. As you can probably guess, we have lots of seismic stories. As such, this will be the first in a series that explores her overstuffed claims and extra large plans.

A Biography Heavy With Inconsistencies…

Tendrich claims that she returned to Delray Beach after a tumultuous split with her baby daddy in Atlanta. She left Florida and shacked up with a Black guy in Georgia. While in Atlanta, she got herself knocked up just to piss off her Jewish parents with a bi-racial baby.

Shockingly, the relationship didn’t work out. She waddled back to Palm Beach County with a suitcase in one hand and a fatherless baby in the other. 

Tendrich brags publicly about receiving welfare from local charities such as Jewish Family Services.

Debra tells a sad story about moving back home and accepting help from local charities… before starting her own.

It also looks like Tendrich pulled a tactic from the Juli Casale play book. She scrubbed social media and the internet of any information about herself.

However, Delray Beach Confidential found tidbits of information where she considers herself a ‘fitness expert. She also likes to boast about being an awarded winning athlete at her high school years. We find that kind hard to believe unless it was a pie eating contest.

Tendrich then claims she ballooned to over 400 pounds after moving to Atlanta and getting knocked up. 

She then claims she lost a tremendous amount of weight after moving to Delray Beach. Yet, there are few pictures of bigger, and then blonde, Debra. Just what she looks like now. Which isn’t thin.

Dumpy Debra Lives Where?

Tubby Tendrich ran for Delray Beach City Commission in 2020. She came in fourth in a 4 way race. Dowdy Debra lost to now discredited charlatan Juli Casale. Her losing campaign siphoned enough votes away from Bill Bathurst to pave Casale’s pathway to victory. That dismal race gave the commission seat to Mayor Shelly Petrolia’s dimwitted parrot, which ultimately caused the destruction of Old School Square. So, in essence, if Debra had kept her fat ass out of the way, none of the drama of the last 2 years would have ensued. It is clearly all her fat fault.

Just Where Does The Frumpy Fraudster Debra Tendrich Actually Live?

When she ran for the Delray Beach City Commission, tubby Tendrich used an address on SE 9th Street. However, the Palm County Appraiser says that address doesn’t exist. Her voter registration stated she lived an office location on Atlantic Avenue. this not a residential address. Additionally, her current voter registration goes to yet another commercial property on Military Trail.

We believe that dumpy Debra actually lives with her mom in Boynton Beach.

Is Debra Tendrich’s Non-Profit, “Eat Better Live Better” A Supersized Fraud?

Debra Tendrich

Eat Better Live Better purports to only give away health foods, yet asks for fattening, carb-dense donations of peanut butter and pasta. Sounds like a menu Mitch Katz would approve of.

Tendrich runs a well-known local charity called Eat Better Live Better. It is allegedly a hybrid of a food bank and some sort of education/outreach to teach kids how not get as big as Debra.

The charity claims to only distribute healthy food. Yet it regularly solicits donations of pasta, sauces, and peanut butter. On what planet is that health food?

Tendrich’s charity has no rating on Charity Navigator. Perhaps because she just eats all the food?

Yet many wonder, does this charity actually do anything, or does Debra just eat all the food herself? It is not ranked by Charity Navigator, and it seems to offer superfluous services to other larger, well-established food banks like Feeding South Florida.

Debra Tendrich

Does this dubious charity actually distribute any “healthy” food?

Perhaps it mainly exists to give dowdy Debra a platform to preach her false, vaguely-liberal do-goodery? And perhaps provides enough income to keep the frumpy fraudster, who lacks any sort of education or skills, from seeking a real job?



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