Happy 57th Birthday Juli Casale, You’ve Had Quite A Year

August 6, 2022
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Happy 57th Birthday Juli Casale, You’ve Had Quite A Year With Lawsuits, Political Embarrassments And Alcohol!

Happy 57th Birthday Juli CasaleHappy 57th Birthday Juli Casale! Seriously, we at Delray Beach Confidential mean it. You deserve it.

After all, we get quite a volume of correspondence about our city leadership. Most of it has to do with the bedraggled Commissioner Juli Casale. So today, for her birthday, we’ve decided to mark the occasion with a brief rundown of her achievements of late.

We first met Casale when she appeared seemingly out of nowhere on the DB political scene. She claimed to be a Harvard grad who sold her Connecticut business for “millions of dollars.”

Her words not ours.

Casale unseated her well-established rival. She declined to explain any details of the origins of her fabulous fortune. Yet, she resides in the very modest neighborhood Sabal Lakes. Naturally, we became immediately suspicious.

Upon arriving at City Hall, Casale took on a new role. Mayor Shelly Petrolia’s lapdog.

Casale votes lock-step with the Mayor, almost as if the two have had prior discussions on topics. They were aligned in the notorious July 2021 vote to oust the charity that had run Old School Square since the early 1990s with no public input in a non-agenda discussion, among other dubious actions.

All of this lead us to examine: Just who is Juli Casale?

Happy 57th Birthday Juli Casale! Can We See The Harvard Liberal Arts Degree?

Happy 57th Birthday Juli CasaleJuli Casale regaled the idiots at the Palm Beach Post and Sun Sentinel with tales of her Harvard Education. Casale claims alternately to have a, “Liberal Arts Degree,” or an, “AB” degree from Harvard College and that she graduated cum laude.

We have confirmed that Juli Casale did not attend Harvard as an undergraduate. According to her sister, she barely graduated from High School in Connecticut. Allegedly, her career as a stripper interfered with her studies.

Harvard’s registrar confirmed to us that Casale did take courses online at the Harvard Extension School. This is Harvard’s online degree mill. No application is required. Just pay to play. It has no academic merit or value whatsoever. Unlike a true Ivy League degree, it confers no rights, honors or privileges.

Sold Business Worth Millions?

Happy 57th Birthday Juli CasaleJuli Casale claimed that she had founded and subsequently sold a business in Connecticut worth “millions of dollars.

Casale has declined on numerous occasions to explain the nature of the business. She also refused to provide its name or any other detail.

There is no record of Juli having owned or sold any business in Connecticut state filings. Juli’s maiden name appears only sporadically on real estate holdings with her brother and father. No business filings at all.

Juli’s own sister explains: “Juli was a stripper for many years until getting pregnant. Juli married her now-husband after he found her in a strip club in Connecticut and became her primary client.” 

This is a reference to Juli’s current husband Robert Casale. Casale was the Saul Goodman of Connecticut criminal attorneys.

Robert’s only online review is anonymous and it reads: 

Although I have not done any significant work with Robert Casale for many years, attorneys whom I hold in very high regard hold him in very high regard.”

Only one anonymous review after a 4-decade career, Bob? Hmm…

Burning Down The Trailer

Happy 57th Birthday Juli Casale

Juli Casale’s Meriden, CT trailer caught fire opening up clues to her secret life.

Juli Casale’s tales of being fabulously wealthy became even more mysterious. Several months ago,  we learned about a small claims lawsuit that she was involved in back home in Connecticut.

A trailer that Juli owned in Meriden, CT caught fire in the summer of 2021.

Juli hired a Public Adjuster, Leon Collins, to fight her insurance company. Then, the capricious charlatan decided she didn’t feel like paying Collins his 10% fee. So Collins sued Casale as a Pro-Se litigant and won.
Casale’s losing attorney in the courtroom showdown? Her nitwit husband Bobby, of course.
The trial documents and later correspondence from Juli’s family revealed details of her past. Details that the devious Commish had tried to hide from voters in Delray Beach. Most notably:
  • Juli Casale owned a $59,000 trailer in the New England Village trailer park
  • She has a secret daughter, Ashley, who lived in the trailer
  • Casale claimed she was so financially destitute that the judge in the case allowed her to take a $35 per week payment plan to Collins

Happy 57th Birthday Juli Casale! Or Should We Call You Commissioner Grandma?

Juli CasaleWe received a ton of emails and phone calls in the aftermath of the Casale’s trailer fire lawsuit. Most of them were from Juli’s family and former trailer park neighbors. In addition, the majority of the correspondence was short. All they said was, “Juli Casale is a liar.
The most detailed and informative information came from Juli’s younger sister regarding relations between Juli and her daughter Ashley, the trailer resident, we learned:
Juli kidnapped Ashley’s daughter Kiki.
Juli used her husband’s money to bring the abused and jobless Ashley to court to revoke her parental rights. Bob and Juli painted Ashley as a violently abusive mother just so Juli could raise Kiki.
Juli also had political ambitions in Florida. She figured it was easier to get elected if you’re a “family woman”.
So, this year we learned that Juli Casale is indeed the mother of one daughter… and the grandmother of two. Juli’s actual daughter Ashley has another child that Juli hasn’t kidnapped to use as a campaign prop. Not yet, anyways.

Borderline Histrionic Drunk?

Delray Beach Commissioner Juli CasaleWe also received various reports and explanations of Casale’s bizarre and incongruous behavior of late.

Casale’s sister tells us:
Doctors diagnosed my sister with having Borderline Personality Disorder and Histrionic Personality Disorder. My sister has no business in politics and should never be allowed near children.
We agree wholeheartedly. Perhaps that explains her 5 ethics charges in 2 years in office.
Other reports and observations suggest that her mistruths and chicanery have a much simpler root. Or rather, is it Casale’s daily jug-0-wine habit?
Many watching City Commission meetings also noticed Casale’s raspy, slurred voice on several occasions. How could anyone forget Casale memorable meltdown from a March 2021 commission meeting: 

Some of her statements were completely incoherent as well. On June 14, she stated:
“We should have a cultural arts facility in the gateway of our city that is top of the line,”
Casale seemingly forgot that Delray Beach had such a facility. That was until Casale herself conspired to destroy it.

Happy 57th Birthday Juli Casale! Pass … The Manischewitz?

Juli Casale’s history of anti-Semitic and anti-Gay, behaviors, drove the leadership of the Boca Raton Museum to end its brief flirtation with managing Delray’s shuttered Cornell Museum.

Despite losing her initial attempt to have the Commission pay a vast sum of money to the Boca Museum for a temporary management arrangement, Casale insisted on, against charter, reintroducing the concept.
In what we now recognized as a typical merlot-fueled craze, Casale shoehorned a deal for the Boca Museum to join forces with a mother-and-son team of Renaissance Fair booth operators. However, it urns out, the Boca Museum leadership wasn’t interested in playing Flip Cup with the besotted Juli Casale.

Have Another Term?

Unfortunately, Juli Casale has filed to run for re-election in March 2023. As of yet, she has is running unopposed.

A rumored contender for the seat, Rob Long, has yet to file.
Another political wannabe, half-black/half-Jewish Ingrid Lee, seems to lack the chutzpah to run against Casale, whom she views as a hero/ally/drinking buddy.
Perhaps, former gastropod commissioner Mitch Katz could run again. Katz ran unsuccessfully in 2021. Notably Katz ran without the support of Casale or her puppet-master Shelly Petrolia. Will Katz rise to the occasion and run again? A victory for Katz would see him replacing Casale in weekly squaring-offs against his nemesis, the flabby and tattooed alleged anti-Semite Ryan Boylston.

Only in Delray Beach, kids… Only in Delray Beach!

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