Is Geriatric Candidate Jim Chard Developing Dementia?

January 14, 2024
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Is Geriatric Candidate Jim Chard Developing Dementia? The Soon-To-Be-Octogenarian Spam Calls People Quizzing Them About Facebook Conspiracies. 

jim chardDelray Beach Confidential really hates to ask this question. However, it affects the future of Delray Beach. Therefore it needs to be asked. Is geriatric candidate Jim Chard up to the task of being a commissioner?

It appears he’s developing early stages of dementia. So the question is, does the octogenarian candidate have the mental faculties to make sound decisions as a commissioner? 

He has been acting a bit odd lately and he seems slightly agitated in public. However, Chard’s behavior is nothing like the typical drunken craziness from Juli Casale or Winebox Kelly Barrette.

Well. at least we should be thankful Jim Chard still has enough common sense to wear an adult under garment unlike the much younger former Commissioner Mitch Katz.

Dementia is an ugly disease that slowly and gradually creeps up on people. it can go unnoticed and undiagnosed by the victim’s friends and family for years. People don’t notice it or ignore until it’s too late.

Most people don’t notice dementia or Alzheimer’s symptoms in a politician until an octogenarian like Jim Chard strips naked in the middle of a commission meeting and runs around yelling, “Hi Yo Silver, Away.”

Jim Chard Spam Calls Delray Beach Residents At The Crack Of Dawn

Unfortunately, Jim Chard is now beginning to act paranoid. Yes, paranoia is also an early symptom of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Either that or one of the young college girls he lets stay at his house laced his oatmeal with crack. But that’s whole other story in itself. 

On the morning of Saturday, January 13th, Chard began spam calling Delray Beach residents at the crack of dawn claiming that he’s a victim of a sinister Facebook conspiracy. One resident claims that Chard called him 15 times ranting about anonymous miscreants attacking him on Facebook. 

The person who asked not to be identified said:

“I’ve know Jim for years. He’s a good guy but this morning made me rethink about voting for him. I think he’s starting to lose it”

If this sounds eerily familiar, it because Juli Casale made the same delusional claims about Facebook conspiracies at a commission meeting in 2021. Watch below:

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