Is Ryan Boylston Having A Gay Ole Time With A Local Daddy?

December 30, 2023
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Is Ryan Boylston Having A Torrid Affair With Local Realtor Kurt Lehmann? Does Cassidee Know? Does She Care?

Mayoral candidate Ryan Boylston likes to show off his unimpressive abs and ‘Welcome Mat’ tattoo 

Delray Beach Confidential has always suspected that former used car salesman turned Delray Beach Mayoral Candidate Ryan Boylston was on the down low. First, he got a “welcome mat” tattoo that screams, “Come check out at my cock!” 

Then, he went totally metrosexual with his wardrobe. 

He follows that up by deciding to get a shredded physique like a gay guy in those 1970s fitness magazines.

But, it’s Ryan. So, we thought it was a sign of his overinflated and warped narcissism. 

But, wait! There’s more! Boylston then went totally vegan.

A vegan diet is popular among gay men. Namely, gay men who like to bottom. We’re not going to go into graphic details by explaining why. We think if you are reading this, you are intelligent enough to figure it out the reason. 

So, now our attention perked up. Were the rumors of Boylston’s having an extramarital affair true? After all, Cassidee doesn’t strike us as the type that would encourage Ryan to get a Welcome Mat tattoo or think it would be sexy. 

Ryan Boylston keeps Fueling The Rumors Of A Gay Extramarital Affair

Ryan Boylston HavingNow, multiple witnesses have told us that Boylston is frequently seen getting chummy with local realtor Kurt Lehmann.

In addition to being a realtor to Delray Beach’s nouveau riche crowd, Lehmann claims he was a Chippendales dance in a previous life. 

Again, this doesn’t really mean there is anything going on. Even after we received dozens of calls and emails from eagle eyed readers saying the two were a getting a little too friendly at some of these restaurants. If you know what we mean.

Now, rumors are floating around that there is something more going on between the two men.

Delray Beach Confidential has learned that witnesses saw two men matching Boylson and Lehmann’s description walk into a room together at the Tiki Hut Motel.

You can draw your own conclusions about what two men getting a motel room means. Our guess is that it wasn’t to play competitive Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit. But, who are we to judge? What are your thoughts? 

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