Ryan Boylston Feels Mayor Petrolia’s Bitch Slap 5100 Miles Away

July 17, 2022
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Delray Beach Commissioner Ryan Boylston Feels Mayor Petrolia’s Verbal Bitch Slap All The Way In Finland 

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Commissioner Boylston in a recent Facebook post revealing his “Welcome Matt.”

Did you miss the Delray Beach City Commission meeting on July 12, 2022? If you did, you missed some excitement.

Mayor Petrolia gave Commissioner Ryan Boylston a verbal bitch slap for the ages. The exchange was quite testy. Matter of fact, it was so bad that Mayor Petrolia threatened to bar Boylston from attending next week’s meeting. If she can actually do that legally is another matter. 

But then again, Petrolia’s response was no surprise. Mayor Petrolia has a history of pushing the limits of the law to exert her power and influence.

Boylston attended the meeting via telephone because he is currently in Finland. 

Boylston also received a bad ass public bitch slapping several months ago. In February, he threatened a blogger for posting an unflattering article about him. Boylston’s illegal threat blew up in his face like a cheap novelty store cigar. 

Mayor Shelly Petrolia Publicly Emasculates Commissioner Ryan Boylston

Ryan Boylston The meeting began like all commission meetings. Yes, it was mundane and boring. However, fireworks ignited when the topic of the city’s budget surplus was discussed.

Commissioners were discussing the surplus when Petrolia stated the city should “raid” the money. Not exactly the right phrase to use. However, the majority of the commissioners on the dais knew what Petrolia meant and let it slide. That was except for Ryan Boylston. Boylston began rudely schooling Petrolia about using the term, “raid.” 

As we all know, you don’t “school” Shelly Petrolia unless you’re prepared to deal with one of her conniption fits. Something the former used car salesman doesn’t have the testicular fortitude handle. 

Shelly Petrolia wasn’t going to have any of Boylston’s sass-mouth. Things got so heated, she threatened to bar Boylston from next week’s meeting. Can she actually legally do that? Who knows. However, it totally emasculated Boylston. 

The fireworks begin at 1:22 in the video:

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