Ryan Boylston Received A Big Bitch Bull Dyke Smack Down

November 6, 2022
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A Humiliated Ryan Boylston Received An Emasculating Big Bitch Bull Dyke Smack Down

Ryan Boylston ReceivedMost people tuned away from the Delray Beach City Commission meeting on Tuesday, November 1st after the first hour. We really can’t blame them though. They are boring. Besides, who wants to listen to their idiot neighbors rant about the commie tyranny of Joe Biden? People would rather watch cheesy Canadian tax write-off Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel. 

Residents who stuck around to watch the 3+ hour meeting until the end got a nice treat. The three women on the Commission ganged up and emasculated Boylston with verbal smack down after verbal smack down. When it was over, all Boylston could do was sulk in his chair feeling humiliated and emasculated.

It all began when Commissioner Juli Casale complained about an email Boylston sent to the Palm Beach County School Board. The email was in response to comments Casale made about the Palm Beach County Schools at a Commission meeting on October 11th. Boyleston wrote in the email that Casale’s opinions did not represent the opinion of the commission as a whole. This turned out to be a big no-no.

At the October 11th meeting, Casale trashed the School Board and called the Palm Beach County Schools a failure. These were odd comments considering Casale and her lawyer husband enroll their grand-daughter in a private school.

Boylston Emasculated After Trying To Embarrass Juli Casale

Ryan Boylston receivedBoylston’s wife is a school teacher. So, naturally, he was inundated with emails about Casale’s disparaging comments about public education.

Unfortunately, Boylston isn’t very bright. He’s also pretty inept when it comes to the playing the Machiavellian game of politics. As a result, he didn’t do the smart thing by having the school board and teachers contact Casale directly about her comments. Thus, allowing Casale’s opponent Rob Long to turn her comments into an embarrassing campaign issue. 

Instead, he decided it was up to him to teach Casale a lesson about the art of government and politics. It didn’t go as well for Boylston. It blew up in his face like a cheap novelty cigar. All three women on the commission ganged up on Boylston and took turns tag teaming their smackdowns. It was humiliating and embarrassingly emasculating considering it was initiated by a dimwitted Juli Casale. 

You can see Boylston’s humiliation below:

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