Did Tony Petrolia Have Sex With An Underage Girl?

July 24, 2022
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Did Tony Petrolia Have Sex With An Underage Girl? Ex-Wife Alleges He Did. But Did He? Inquiring Minds Want To Know!

Did Tony PetroliaOkay, let’s not mince words and just get this out there. After all, it’s on everyone’s mind. Did Tony Petrolia have sex with an underage minor? Is he a sexual predator who grooms teenagers? 

A woman named Cynthia Cobb seems to believe so. She’s also very candid about the subject on Facebook.

Cynthia Cobb is Tony Petrolia’s ex-wife prior to Mayor Shelly Petrolia. We have confirmed through court records that Petrolia and Cobb were married and divorced. 

Cobb claims Tony Petrolia allegedly “dated” an underage girl before they got married. 

Petrolia’s angst ridden ex-wife also blames Petrolia for the deaths of their two sons. One died of a drug overdose and the other to suicide. However, it is unknown if the later was due to drug addiction.

Cobb also alleges Tony Petrolia was AWOL when Shelly gave birth to the couple’s twin boys.

Did Tony Petrolia Really Do Such a Horrible Thing?

Did Tony Petrolia

Cynthia Cobb definitely has an axe to grind against Shelly the alleged homewrecker. Cobb also believes Tony and Shelly Petrolia are also responsible for both of her sons’ death.

More damning for Tony Petrolia is that his own family appears to siding with Cobb.

This Has All Happened Before And It Will All Happen Again

did tony petroliaIt’s funny how things work out. You write an article about an elected official in Delray Beach. Then, pissed off family and jilted lovers come out of the woodwork. They storm your office and burn up our phone like soldiers storming the beaches at Normandy. They can’t wait to tell you all the dirt they have.

Case in point, Delray Beach Commissioner Juli Casale.

When we wrote about Casale’s trailer fire, we received emails from her sister. When we wrote about the daughter she had hidden away in a Connecticut trailer like Quasimodo, we got flooded with emails from other members of Casale’s family.

They gave us all kinds of family dirt and pretty much trashed Casale. One even claimed to be from Casale’s daughter Ashley. Yes, the daughter she hid away. Ashley claims that the “daughter” Juli Casale parades around Delray Beach is actually her daughter. Kiki is actually Juli Casale’s granddaughter.

Surprisingly, we didn’t receive a nastygram from Casale’s Saul Goodman wannabe attorney husband. This is obviously a sign the stories must be true.

That is exactly what happened here with Tony Petrolia.

We posted several articles about Tony Petrolia calling the Delray Beach Police about an overseas scammer blackmailing him for $1,295.00 in Bitcoin. The “blackmailer” claimed to have video of Petrolia banishing white Russians from his Kremlin while watching interracial gay porn. 

We posted the stories on Facebook and within days, Tony Petrolia’s ex-wife and his family started commenting.

We can’t wait to see what Commissioner Ryan Boylston’s family and former associates tells us when we start writing about him.

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