Candate Juli Casale Busted Drinking And Posting Again!

February 11, 2024
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Meet Candate Juli Casale! She Lies in Emails And Mailers. She also Cannot Spell Despite Claiming She Went to Harvard

Juli Casale once again made an unwarranted attack against sobriety.

In yet another incident that proves that Juli Casale clearly didn’t go to Harvard. the commission hopeful posted a plug for herself calling herself “Candate Juli Casale” not “Candidate Juli Casale.”

Was Casale again swigging 3-liter bottles of Carlo Rossi and drunk posting? Perhaps.

Casale also made a splash this week with a campaign email defending her position on opposing affordable housing. The email also mixed in lies: a stab at Delray Beach’s large recovery community. Casale has hated on this group for years.

Juli Casale reminded everyone of her hatred of Delray Beach’s large recovery community.

So, no we can add sober people to Juli’s no-no list. Of course, this is addition to minorities, gays, and Jews.

Perhaps Casale would be better off embracing the help of the recovery resources available in Delray Beach rather than constantly defaming sober houses. And Juli, many of them accept payment plans or even offer scholarships for your broke ass! They can help with your scratch-off lotto habit, too.

Additionally, Casale bombed Delray Beach mailboxes with one of her lie-filled mailers. In it, she made several lies, mis-statements, embellishments, and named some irrelevant facts about herself.

Let’s Examine Candate Juli Casale’s Mailer Infested With Lies!

Juli’s mailer, as supplied to with enhancements from a Delray Beach voter


Juli is a mother. However, she is not to the teenager she parades around Delray Beach. Yes, that’s her granddaughter. Juli only has one daughter named Ashley Marshall.

Marshall is in her late 30s and lives in Connecticut. She lives in the trailer owned by Juli that burned down in 2022

Marshall followed Juli’s stellar example of having a child out of wedlock. According to Juli’s own sisters, Juli and her husband Bob kidnapped that child because they thought it would look better for Juli’s political career to have a family.


Yes, Juli is married to Bob Casale. Casale is a shyster Connecticut lawyer.

The two met when Bob was Juli’s #1 customer at a New Haven area strip club. The happy couple jetted off to Vegas to get married. Apparently an Elvis impersonator performed the ceremony. Class act, Juli!

Former Business Owner:

This is an old claim of Madame Casale. Juli Casale claims to have owned a business worth, “Millions.”

However, she has continuously refused to even name what industry it was in. Connecticut public records show that she was named an officer of a defunct business that her father once owned. That business appears to have been a holding company for a small warehouse. Casale would have been about 18 at the time she was named in a corporate filing to be her father’s patsy.

Tennis Player:

Candate Juli Casale claims to be a ranked tennis player. 

The Casale camp is floating new bizarre claim that she used to be a ranked tennis player. However, we can find no evidence of that.

In fact, we suspect that she just hangs around a tennis club looking for a wealthier husband. Unfortunately she just found Mitch Katz waiting for the snack bar to open. In addition, she claims to athleticism rarely prevail in Delray Beach politics. Last year, Bad Angie Gray touted her pickleball fanaticism. Yet, she lost to the very obviously unathletic Angela Burns. And let’s not even get started on Ryan Boylston and his unimpressive abdominals…

Former City Commissioner:

Yes, indeed. Juli is a FORMER city commissioner. We happily got her sorry ass voted out of office last year, when she lost by about 6 points to the flamboyant Rob Long.

What new lies will this haggard lush introduce in her next campaign communication?


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