Tony Petrolia Is Allegedly Being Blackmailed For Jerkin It To Gay Porn

May 29, 2022
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Hackers Are Allegedly Blackmailing Delray Beach First Gentleman Tony Petrolia For Jerkin It To Gay Porn

tony petrolia Tony Petrolia thought he was safe in early March. His wife, Delray Beach Mayor Shelly Petrolia had gone out. He was home alone. There’s no better time to grab a cold beer and get naked. Then plop down on the living room couch to watch some good old interracial gay porn on the 70 inch big screen. 

Tony Petrolia began thinking this is the life. No nagging bossy wife and no kids around. He began feeling content with the warm Florida sun beating down on him while he banished some white Russians from the Kremlin

After Petrolia finished having his post nut clarity, he cleaned up incriminating Yogurt Cannon residue from the living room furniture. 

Afterwards, he settled into his home office. He needed to get some work done. Shelly would be whopping mad if she came home and he had not been productive.

Hackers Allegedly Blackmail Tony Petrolia

data hackersPetrolia was working away when he claims he received an anonymous email. He alleges the mail contained video footage from the security system inside his home. According to Petrolia, the video showed him sitting in his living room masturbating to the abovementioned pornography. 

Petrolia didn’t say what the hackers wanted. However, he did say they did threaten to make the video public.

Consequently, Tony Petrolia went into panic mode and called the Delray Beach Police. Imagine Shelly Petrolia’s surprise when she came home and found to police cars in her driveway. Then having the awkward conversation with Tony explaining why they were at the house.

Delray Beach Police are not commenting on the case because it is still under active investigation. 

Delray Beach Confidential has sent a FOIL request to the Delray Beach Police requesting a copy of the report and the body cam footage of the officer interviewing Tony Petrolia. We will have more details when we get the body cam footage and the police report. 

How To Avoid Being A Victim Of Blackmail Like Tony Petrolia

The hackers (if there actually were hackers in this case) didn’t log into the security system through Petrolia’s security feed. Security experts say this is extremely hard to do. They got access to Petrolia’s system by hacking into Tony or Shelly’s email account.

Security experts say people learn from the Petrolias’ experience. They say use a complicated password for your email and security apps and use two-factor authentication for your email and social media accounts. 

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