Delray Beach To Get A Financial Colonoscopy From State Auditors

March 12, 2023
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Delray Beach To Get A Financial Colonoscopy From State Auditors Thanks To Shelly Petrolia, Juli Casale  And Fire Chief Keith Tomey

Delray Beach to getDelray Beach is getting the financial colonoscopy it so richly deserves. The city is facing a financial audit starting Monday, March 13th.

Mayor Petrolia and the Delray Bach Commission should be worried. Why? Municipal audits are a big deal. They are a financial colonoscopy. If you have ever had one, you know what we are getting at. 

Municipal audits are painful, time consuming and people also end up going to prison. It’s usually the mayor and a handful of political appointees who become fresh meat in federal prison. In this case possibly, Mayor Petrolia, the city manager and Fire Chief Keith Tomey.

The Florida Legislature’s Joint Legislative Audit Committee Will Perform The Financial Colonoscopy

Florida Legislature’s Joint Legislative Audit Committee will review every financial document the city possesses. If the city claims not to have it, they better find it and find it fast. Once the auditor general gets hold of these docs, all hell breaks loose. Commission members and city officials will soon be riding the Hershey highway of hell. Lord only knows what kind of secrets auditors will find.

The usual Facebook lackeys for the Shelly Petrolia are promoting a conspiracy theory that this is a GOP plot against crazy Commissioner Juli Casale.

Blubbering gastropod Mitch Katz and “Winebox Kelly” Barrette have been promoting conspiracy theories concerning plots against Casale for several months.

Residents have also begun referring to Casale as Juli Casale-Santos for weeks due to her pathological and habitual lying. Petrolia and Casale have even recruited 58-year-old unemployed realtor Chris Davey to help them with damage control. 

However, there is one problem with this conspiracy theory. A Democrat State Senator will be overseeing the audit. A State Representative representing the residents in the tiny town of Highland Beach filed the complaint with JLAC. Residents of Highland Beach are the victims of Delray Beach’s multi-million dollar fraud scheme.

Highland Beach Alleges Delray Beach Under Petrolia’s Leadership Defrauded Them Out Of Millions Of Dollars

delray beach to get

The audit stems from an article we wrote back in September 2022. The basic gist is that Delray Beach has had a fire rescue contract with Highland Beach forever. Anyone who has ever played Sim City is familiar with concept of an “Interlocal Agreement.”

What is an Interlocal Agreement? Basically, it’s where neighboring cities and towns share services for the benefit of all of their residents. It is not meant to be a for-profit enterprise. Of course, former trailer park trash Shelly Petrolia and Juli Casale don’t see it that way. They decided it was an easy way to scam Highland Beach for the opportunity to make a quick buck.

The powers that be started ripping off Highland Beach to the tune of hundreds of thousands a year. To understand this, we are going to do it in Juli Casale speak:

Big bad Delray Beach started bullying the teeny weeny town of Highland Beach. Teeny weeny Highland Beach fought back and, much like The Little Engine that Could, started thinking, hey, we don’t need this. Maybe we can have our own fire rescue and save money. Highland Beach began repeating, ‘I think I can. I know I can.

Thus, they didn’t renew the contract.

As a result, Delray Beach will lose $5 million a year and Highland Beach will save $2 million a year. It turns out that the hogs at Delray Beach City Hall got too greedy. Thus, Highland Beach will get to extinguish their own grease fires.

Trailer Park Trash Mayor Petrolia Never Learned, “Pigs Get Fat. Hogs get Slaughtered.”

Delray Beach to getNext, the City of Delray Beach did something that most narcissistic white collar criminals do. They pushed too far. Delray Beach tried to squeeze Highland Beach for $540,000. Delray Beach claimed it was for money that was “owed.”

However, Highland Beach wasn’t buying it. Highland Beach wanted an explanation on what Delray Beach spent the money on. More importantly, they wanted to know why it was owed.

Then, get this one. Delray Beach said NO. They refused to give them financial documents. The city manager’s office under illegal direction from Petrolia and Casale told them they had to make FOIA requests and pay for the documents. These are documents that they should have been given to Highland Beach for free. This letter should have just had, “SCAM ALERT” written all over it, As you can imagine, this didn’t go over well. 

Finally after dealing with Petrolia’s Alexis Carrington-style drama for months, Highland Beach finally received the requested documents. 

However, there was one small problem. The numbers didn’t add up. A former commissioner complained to the legislature. Now all of the city’s financials will be thoroughly examined like a colonoscopy. Delray Beach is royally screwed thanks to Petrolia’s incompetent meddling.

Audit Comes Right When OSS Litigation Begins To Heat Up!

delray beach to get All this comes at perilous time for the Delray Beach. Commissioner Juli Casale is in very contentious re-election campaign. As such, she is running around justifying her malicious action to terminate Old School Square’s lease for financial ‘irregularities.’

It appears the disgraced charlatan might need wash down her Activia yogurt and Vicodin with more bourbon.

If Casale was really had a Harvard degree, she would have enough common sense to drop out of the commission race. However, we know she has neither. Do any of these commissioners really want to be in office during this examination?

Shelly Petrolia and Juli Casale have made many enemies. They’ve fucked over political elites but regular people who live in Delray Beach. Why? Simply because Petrolia and Casale don’t like them. So now the residents get to fight back.

Will Shirley Johnson Give The Commission A “Chocolate” Pie As Parting Gift On Wednesday? 

delray beach to getThe genius on the commission is outgoing Commissioner Shirley Johnson. We don’t believe for a second that she is senile as Petrolia and Casale claim.

She’s just a crazy genius who is going to fuck everyone over come Wednesday. The day after the election.

In case you don’t know it, Shirley hates her fellow commissioners. The white people on the commission treat her like she’s a negro servant from the old South. They try to manipulate her. Shirley knows it and she is just biding her time.

So come Wednesday, Is Shirley going pull a Minny from the movie, “The Help” and serve the commission a delicious “chocolate” pie?

Will Shirley sing like a canary? Our guess is that she will help the state. She will tell them where all these missing documents are. She’ll gladly tell them about every little fucked up wrongdoing the other commissioners have done. As a result, Shirley Johnson will be the hero that outsmarted a group racist commissioners that treated her like hired help. Delray residents will know the truth about everything. People will be going to prison. 

Delray Beach Confidential will tell all later this week.

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