Charlatan Juli Casale And Her Crumbling Campaign

January 30, 2023
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An Election Season Uglier Than Charlatan Juli Casale And Her New Hairdo

Charlatan Juli Casale

Newly blonde Juli Casale violently ripped the microphone out of the hands of the moderator.  

Embattled Delray Beach Commissioner and charlatan Juli Casale is stressing out and apparently hitting the bottle as you can see from the picture to the left. Why? Casale’s re-election campaign is sinking faster than a bath tub boat full of Haitians off the coast of Delray Beach. 

Another clear sign are the number of her supporters who are now former supporters. They are all clawing at each other to flee the sinking SS Casale. 

The Delray Beach Democratic Club hosted the forum as all 4 of the commission candidates are Democrats. The club did webcast the event. However, in a very undemocratic move it limited access to members of their Facebook page. Club leaders also quit admitting new members prior to the event. 

Members who saw it say Casale was disheveled, unfocused and stumbling over her words. Members we spoke to say she looked like she was about to have an emotional breakdown. One member said, “It was embarrassing. It was a total dumpster fire. I feel sorry for her!”

Casale, sporting a new bottle-blonde hairdo, repeatedly interrupted not only her opponent but also the debate moderator. She also violently ripped the microphone out out of the hands of moderator several times. 

Town Liar Shelly Petrolia Declares Charlatan Juli Casale Didn’t Lie

Charlatan Juli Casale

Mayor Shelly Petrolia continues her ardent support of Juli Casale. 

Petrolia pushed for her puppet’s election in 2020 to oust incumbent Bill Bathurst, a rival realtor and her sworn enemy on the dais. 

Since then, Petrolia has done everything she could to prop up and support the embattled, often inebriated Casale. 

Petrolia declared Casale and her other preferred candidate, Angie Gray, the winners of the debate. Why? Petrolia claims, “Because they didn’t lie.”

In a very obvious attempt to distract citizens from the raging dumpster fire that is the Casale campaign, Petrolia began circulating the idea that the water problems in Delray Beach are nothing but a, “Hoax.”

The Mayor also attempted to distract attention from Casale’s growing body of lies by introducing her own new lie that Delray Beach’s much-publicized water problems were a, “Hoax.”

The mayor is also now attempting to get former Commissioner Angie Gray re-elected to the commission. 

Ironically, it was Petrolia who led the charge to have Gray drummed off the commission after Gray was accused of taking kickbacks as a commissioner.

Park Your Lies in Harvard

Charlatan Juli Casale

Charlatan Juli Casale claims she attended Harvard University. We all know this isn’t true. Yet, Casale is keeps insisting it is. 

Since she first emerged onto the political scene, Casale purported to have a degree from the prestigious institution.

At Delray Beach Confidential, we know this to be untrue. Anyone who has ever met the dimwitted Casale can plainly see that she is not nearly smart enough to have ever been admitted to any prestigious institution.

We contacted Harvard and confirmed that Casale holds no such degree. Instead, Casale ‘attended’ Harvard Extension School. HES is an online correspondence and continuing education diploma mill that bears a version of the Harvard name.

Charlatan Juli Casale

Harvard College, the university’s signature undergraduate school, has an admission rate of between 3% and 4% any given year. As such, they are amongst the most selective schools in the world. Harvard Extension School’s admission rate is 100%. Basically, the only requirement for admission to Harvard Extension School is a valid credit card.

Harvard Extension School classes are, by and large, NOT taught by actual Harvard faculty. Students are taught by adjuncts. Adjuncts are part-time teachers from other colleges and universities. They are also field practitioners staff HES programs instead of tenured Harvard faculty.

With Friends Like These, Does Charlatan Juli Casale Need Enemies?

Casale’s most loyal supporters are going into tailspins and breaking down.

The remaining ones are the typical Petrolia cast of loyalist cast of misfits and nut jobs who make an appearance during every Delray election.

Mitch Katz is a former 1-term wonder commissioner. Katz sullied his reputation (and his trousers) during his time in office.

Mitch Katz is one of Casale’s biggest supporters 

He is a huge supporter of Casale. Despite Casale’s well-document anti-Semitism, meshuggunah Mitch Katz is still firmly in her camp. Detractors enjoyed recounting tales of schmendrick Katz pissing his pants and needing to be driven home by city employees during one of his many drunken episodes.

Katz, like Casale, holds dubious degrees that he bought online. And, like Casale, Katz has spent some time in strip clubs.

Katz, perhaps Casale’s biggest supporter of late, resorted to homophobic and transphobic slurs. On his Delray Beach Politics Facebook forum, with a whopping 543 members, Katz made offensive comments against the LGBTQ community.

Casale herself insulted the gay community in 2022 when she refused permanent funding for a memorial. Nicholas Coppola, a local gay activist, joined in questioning the veracity of Casale’s Veritas (Harvard’s motto) degree. Coppola continued to condemn Casale and her posse for turning their backs on the LGBTQ Pride Memorial crosswalk. Coppola and company also likely prefer Casale’s opponent, who is thought to be a closeted homosexual or bisexual.

The Usual Suspects … and Some New Guy From Boynton Beach

Local irritant Ingrid Lee claims to be Delray Beach’s version of Switzerland. She seems to be the Delray Beach’s answer to a question no asked. Ingrid posted Casale’s opponent Rob Long’s endorsement from the police and firefighters.

Casale condemned endorsements as always coming with “strings.” 

In response to Long’s slew of endorsements, Casale claimed she doesn’t want any. Shelly Petrolia, in typically adept fashion, immediately endorsed Casale.

Kelly Barrette aka Winebox Kelly is one of Casale’s political advisers. Barrette continued in her characteristic merlot-fueled rage by claiming anyone that opposes Casale is a, “Misogynist,” and a bully.

Delray’s First Husband referred to Shelly’s detractors as, “Idiots.” Tony Petrolia, Shelly’s husband, opened his fat, offensive mouth for the first time in months. Tony has been quiet since last year’s interracial gay porn scandal.

As a reminder, Tony mistakenly believed he was being extorted over his penchant for masturbating to interracial gay porn and called the police. Additionally, his ex-wife came forward with allegations that Tony had sex with underage girls.

Most of Casale’s support is recycled from the 2021 Petrolia Psycho Squad.

However, new to the bunch is Adam Greenberg. Greenberg is a long-winded wannabe internet attorney (he isn’t a lawyer) who lives in Boynton Beach. He also has no business or bearing whatsoever in Delray political matters.

Yet, for some strange reason, he has appointed himself as a spokesperson for Casale. Greenberg ardently defends Casale’s unpopular actions on Old School Square. He also fought a losing battle against himself defending Casale’s fictitious Harvard claims.

Perhaps he uses Facebook to avoid intimacy with his wife. One only knows.



You whiffed on a big opportunity. It should read: “Park Your CANARDS in Harvard Yard”

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