Does Rob Long Like Servicing Well-Endowed Ethnic Men?

August 9, 2023
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Does Rob Long Like Servicing Well-Endowed Ethnic Men At A Popular Atlanta Gay Spa? Rumors are Running Wild In Delray Beach. 

does rob long

Delray Beach Mayor and Gossip Queen Shelly Petrolia

Rumors about newly elected Delray Beach Commissioner Rob Long’s sexuality have been the subject of much debate for awhile. The LGBTQ+ community in Delray Beach and Palm Beach are also no exception. Now, the one main topic of conversation is, “Does Rob Long like servicing well endowed men of African decent? If so, why does he drive ten hours to the Flex Spa in Atlanta.

Several local LGBTQ+ activists in Delray Beach including one running for the Delray Beach commission have told us he does. 

Rob Long’s sexuality has also been an open secret in Delray Beach for while. People started speculating about Long’s sexuality around the coffee table after he was elected to the Palm Beach Soil and Water Conservation District. 

Delray Beach political elites led by Mayor Shelly Petrolia were also the ones cranking up the whisper campaign about Long’s sexuality. Petrolia’s crazy cult of followers along with a current commission candidate and raving Petrolia supporter Nick Coppola also began spreading rumors about Long’s sexuality after was appointed to the Delray Beach Planning and Zoning Board.

Petrolia passing around rumors about Long’s sexuality is kind of odd considering the accusations of her being a home wrecker. Oh, and let’s not forget her husband’s bizarre sex life of  gay voyeurism and alleged sex with underage girls

Does Rob Long Feed The Rumors About His Sexuality?

Does Rob LongIn Addition, Long also feeds into these rumors by palling around with prominent members of the Palm Beach County LGBTQ+ community. He’s even writing a leftist kid’s book with a prominent LGBTQ+ activist from Davie.

If so, why does he drive ten hours to the Flex Spa in Atlanta to be subservient to well endowed black men? South Florida offers a smorgasbord of dominant well-endowed gay tops of African ancestry in Palm Beach County. They will have no problem making Commissioner Long their bitch for however long he wants.

The answer is pretty obvious. He wants to hide his obsession of being a back door bride to well-endowed brothers from the hood. After all, he is living with Palm Beach School Board member, Alexandria Ayala Montalvo. He and Ayala Montalvo have been dating for some time. In gay parlance she would referred to as a beard. 

Matter of fact, she even signed a purchase money mortgage application with Long two years ago to help him purchase a home in Delray Beach. Her and Long now use the property as their primary residence.

Does Rob Long Live An Unorthodox Lifestyle? You  Decide!

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