Commissioner Casale: Drunk On Power Or Just Plain Drunk?

June 26, 2022
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Stories About Commissioner Casale And Her Drunken Antics Are Becoming Too Numerous To Ignore

Drunken Embattled Delray Beach Commissioner Juli Casale Salivates in Front of a Wall of Wine at an Fundraising Event

Here at Delray Beach Confidential, we receive a large volume of email about Delray Beach City Commissioner Casale. Most of it is short messages. Dozens simply say, “Juli Casale is a liar.”

Occasionally, former neighbors from her Meriden, CT trailer park send us tips.

We also get unconfirmed comments from people witnessing her staggering down Atlantic Avenue visibly intoxicated. We’ve seen her drunk at public events and she is a nasty drunk. Casale consumes more wine than a bloated and rotund Orson Welles. It is definitely something you don’t want to see.

In addition, we get nasty late night emails that are clearly from the embattled and besotted Commissioner herself. Here’s a sample of the Joan Crawford style messages we receive. This one, we received repeatedly:

“I am Juli Casale sister. It is illegal to use a likeness of me in articles. Remove the reference to me immediately. I will secure and attorney and file suit if you don’t govern yourself in accordance with the law.”

This message from Juli’s ‘sister’ has Casale’s typical borderline illiterate grammatical pattern.

It even ends with a legal-ish sounding closing. Casale’s husband Robert is a lawyer. Albeit, not a very good one since he can’t seem to prevail against pro-se litigants with no legal training.

Also, given Juli’s history of being involved in lawsuits and being married to a lawyer she has probably seen the common phrase, “Govern yourself accordingly.” Of course, the dimwitted twit Juli got it wrong in her drunken diatribe.

At a Delray Beach City Commission meeting in March 2021, Casale also gave what appeared to be a drunken meltdown:

Does Commissioner Casale Indulge Before Or During Commission Meetings?

Comissioner CasaleAt the June 14 City Commission meeting, Juli Casale made several inaccurate or misleading statements. In a distinctly raspy, hangover-style voice, she made several incongruous and delusional statements.

“I’m totally into fantasy,” Casale said. Given her history as a stripper, her statement is disturbing in innumerable ways.

Later in the meeting, Casale also quipped, “We should have a cultural arts facility in the gateway of our city that is top of the line.”

Uhh, stupid, we had one until you destroyed it.

Later, when discussing the closed and deteriorating Old School Square campus, Casale said, “I don’t think we created the issue.”

Whether Casale’s behavior at the meeting was a result of a hangover at 4pm, or a liquid lunch with one of her supporters, is anyone’s guess.

Does Commissioner Casale Suffer From “Wet Brain”?

‘Wet Brain’ is a condition related to chronic heavy consumption of alcohol

The discredited commissioner’s disreputable actions, violent public outbursts and frequent confusion could be signs of Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome, commonly referred to as, “Wet Brain.”

Sufferers of Wet Brain often experience confusion, disorientation, and erratic behaviors.

Perhaps she mistook the alcohol-induced double vision as a psychic ability. Perhaps that is how she also managed to misread the public sentiment regarding unpopular decisions like working to destroy Old School Square.

Vidovita? The Facebook Alter Ego Of An Apparent Drunken Commissioner Casale

Deb Harlow, Juli Casale’s online alter ego, used an avatar stolen from Vidovita Mocna Mara.

Many Delray Beach locals are also familiar with Casale’s merlot-fueled alter-ego, ‘Deb Harlow’, on Facebook.

‘Deb Harlow’ used a picture of a psychic from Serbia as her Facebook avatar.

Deb Harlow was once a regular fixture on community interest pages regarding Delray Beach. That was until she got herself banned from nearly every Facebook forum dealing with Delray Beach.

Harlow now uses an extreme close up image of former Mayoral candidate Tracy Caruso’s eye. Casale hasn’t used the Deb Harlow account recently. However, that may change after she reads this and polishes off a 3 liter bottle of Thunderbird  Jug-O-Wine.



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