Rob Long Jumps In the Ring Against Crazy Cat Lady Casale

September 17, 2022
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Ambiguously Gay Politician Rob Long Jumps In the Ring Against Delray Beach’s Bat-Shit Crazy Cat Lady Juli Casale

Rob LongYesterday, former Soil & Water Conservation District Chairman Rob Long finally took the plunge.

He made his much awaited announcement about challenging incumbent Delray Beach Commissioner Juli Casale.

Unlike Casale, Rob Long actually went to college. Long graduated from Penn State University’s College of Engineering.

He also attained an MBA from University of Florida. Casale falsely claims that she went to Harvard. In actuality she bought a worthless junior college-level certificate online.

Further, Long has a very clear, obvious, and traceable history unlike Casale.

Long’s professional resume is publicly available on LinkedIn and his story actually checks out. He has worked diligently in the private and public sector and founded his own business in 2018.

Rob Long Has Confirmed Qualifications And Credentials. Crazy Cat Lady Juli Casale Has Smoke And Mirrors

Juli Casale’s Made Up Harvard Degree

Rob LongDuring her initial run for the commission in 2020, Casale claimed she has a “Liberal Arts Degree” from Harvard University.

She also claims she has one her official Delray Beach City Beach Commission biography.

Yet, Delray Beach Confidential confirmed back in May that Casale blatantly lied about her academic background. 

Juli Casale’s Made Up Past

Juli Casale FilesCasale claims to have started and subsequently sold a business for ‘millions’ in Connecticut. Casale has repeatedly declined to name the business or even explain the nature of it. Connecticut state records do not show any business tied to Casale.

Casale’s own sister reports that prior to moving to Delray Beach she was a stripper in the New Haven, CT. She met her now husband a then patron of the seedy titty bar.

Casale also faced a lawsuit for trying to stiff a Connecticut insurance adjuster.

The article caused Casale to explode in a tirade of cyberbullying and personal attacks after Delray Beach Confidential posted the article about the lawsuit.

Casale and her minions launched into their typical merlot-fueled outrage claiming the story was fake. This is kind of odd since we included a copy of the complaint and Collins’ exhibits in the article. 

Juli Casale’s attempts to cheat Leon Collins are not surprising. However, the case reveals some new and troubling information.

Casale has a secret family that she has hidden from voters in Delray Beach. Casale admitted in court documents that the trailer was the home of her unnamed daughter and her family.

Multiple emails in case between Casale and Collins refer to Casale’s daughter, husband, and baby. The magistrate’s ruling also refers to Casale’s daughter, husband, and baby. But Casale claims to only have one daughter, the teenager who resides with her and Robert in Delray Beach.

Juli Casale Is Mentally Unfit To Hold Public Office

Juli CasaleFor nearly two minutes at a March 2, 2021 commission meeting, Juli Casale went on a rant about how people don’t like her. She complained about how people say mean things about her on social media.

She then became combative with other members of the commission. Basically, turning the commission meeting into circus. 

Casale’s inappropriate and nonsensical rant lasted about two minutes before Mayor Shelly Petrolia cut her off.

Mayor Petrolia also had to remind Casale that the commission meeting was an inappropriate venue for her rant.  

Casale also insinuated that the comments about her were part of some nefarious Facebook conspiracy by former mayoral candidate Tracy Caruso.

But Wait, There’s More Juli Casale Craziness

Rob LongCasale also appeared to have an alcohol related blackout. At the Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce Candidates Debate on February 10, 2021, witnesses say Casale yelled a string of profanities at Delray Beach Mortgage Broker Christopher Mitchell.

She even went as far as calling him a “pussy.” She then threatened to use her position to destroy his mortgage business. Mitchell and 4 other witnesses confirm the incident.

A former Delray Beach Commissioner stated:

I was shocked by Commissioner Casale’s behavior. I have never witnessed an elected official act in such an unprofessional and bizarre manner especially to a constituent. It was the craziest thing I have ever seen. She needs to publicly apologize to Mr. Mitchell for her behavior. She also needs to seek help for whatever her problem is.

Another witness said:

I don’t know if Juli Casale was drunk that night or she has mental health issues but her behavior was the craziest thing I have ever witnessed.

Mitchell soon filed an ethics complaint against Casale.

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