Highland Beach Has Busted Delray Beach Ripping Them Off

September 29, 2022
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Highland Beach Has Busted Delray Beach Ripping Them Off For Fire-Rescue Services. Highland Beach Immediately Gets County Approval To Cancel Deal 

Highland Beach Has Busted

Mayor Shelly Petrolia and the Delray Beach Commission are busted ripping Highland Beach residents for fire-rescue services.

Highland Beach has busted Delray Beach ripping off it’s residents. As a result, Highland Beach residents are pissed off. Highland Beach is accusing Delray Beach of overcharging them for fire and rescue services. 

Highland Beach residents have depended on Delray Beach Fire-Rescue’s services for 30 years. However, that relationship is coming to an abrupt end. Thanks to the morally bankrupt Mayor Shelly Petrolia and inept Delray Beach City Commission. 

The Palm Beach County Commission voted unanimously last week to allow Highland Beach to establish its own fire-rescue department. As a result, it will mark the first time in three decades that a city within the county has created a fire-rescue agency.

Highland Beach taxpayers will save at least $2 million per year.

Right now, Highland Beach has one fire station and pays $5 million a year to Delray Beach for fire-rescue. The report found that more than 2,000 trips per year are made to Delray Beach from trucks stationed in Highland Beach. 

The true “Village-By-The Sea” also projects the cost of services with Delray Beach to exceed $6 million by 2026. 

Highland Beach Commissioner Peggy Gossett-Seidman stated:

The figure just about floored everyone. I just figured it’d be a savings. (But) $2 million per year after startup — it’s a very sizable amount.”

Delray Beach officials embarrassingly tried to downplay the accusations. Delray Beach Fire Chief Keith Tomey told the Palm Beach Post:

“The major issue is that Highland Beach does not yet have a revenue stream to operate such a department. Highland Beach residents get benefits not included in that sum, including training, 24-hour monitoring, and human resources personnel.”

Highland Beach Announces New Fire-Rescue Department 

Highland Beach Has Busted

Deputy Boca Raton Chief Glenn Joseph has been named as the new chief of Highland Beach Fire Chief

Highland Beach is beginning fire-rescue services in May 2024. The new department will have two full medical transports, two fire ladder trucks and a fire chief car. 

Highland Beach has also named former Boynton Beach Fire Chief and current deputy Boca Raton Chief Glenn Joseph as the new department’s chief. 

In addition the city estimates it will need 28 employees at the new department.

Any firefighter from Delray Beach who wants to work at the new Highland Beach department is giving preferential treatment To Delray Beach personnel stationed in Highland Beach.

The Palm Beach County Commission’s vote comes after a referendum last fall. Highland Beach residents overwhelmingly approved the $10 million initiative for a new fire department. The plan had a 92% approval rate.

The department will serve the town’s roughly 4,000 residents. 

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