Will Local Gadfly Ingrid Lee AKA Neutral Lee Run For Delray Beach Mayor?

April 18, 2023
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Will Local Gadfly Ingrid Lee AKA “Neutral” Run For Delray Beach Mayor in 2024? She’ll Be The Candidate No One Wanted Or Asked For!

Ingrid LeeIn Delray Beach, we are once again looking at potential mayoral candidates in 2024. We already know that Ryan “Smexy” Boylston is running. But there are others gearing up for a run.

One possible future candidate is local gadfly Ingrid Lee. Lee is a Shelly Perolia Superfan and lackey for Petrolia’s small but vocal fan club. Lee is special because she wants everyone to believe that she is politically neutral.

A well-placed Delray insider succinctly describes the gadfly Lee, “Ingrid is the answer to the question no one asked.”

This is because Ingrid ham-handedly continues to insert herself into the conversation. Lee thinks she’s a political insider. However, in reality, she is a nobody lackey representing a small group of loser Shelly groupies and drunks. 

Ingrid LeeLee is also known for proclaiming on Facebook about how she accidentally gave her sister the R. Kelly treatment. She also likes to make comments like, “Think about this during your morning poop.”

Ingrid is definitely keeping it classy with her golden shower fetish just like her mentor current Mayor Shelly Petrolia. Petrolia once famously told former Commissioner Bill Bathurst, “Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.”

Let’s also not forget her friend and another golden shower enthusiast, Gayle Clark. The 74-year-old Clark is known for pissing on her neighbors’ lawns. Sorry. We don’t mean to piss, er rain, on your parade.

Local Gadfly Ingrid Lee Has Aspirations For Mayor

Delray Beach Mayor Shelly Petrolia

The Portly Mayor of Delray Beach, Mayor Shelly Petrolia

Ingrid has clawed on the drapes of local politics for years like a feral cat sucking up to Shelly Petrolia for scraps of food. Lee always claims to be neutral. Yet, she parrots every word that Petrolia and her psychotic fanbase says.

Many have said that Ingrid shamelessly tried to get support to run in Delray’s Black commission seat. She was told that her Shelly Petrolia ass-licking was unappealing. Campaign experts told her to distance herself from the portly dictator. So, Lee went to plan B. She began posting weakly neutral posts that made it appear she didn’t have skin in the game. Of course, everyone knew her deal. Hence, Lee earned the sarcastic nickname, Neutral.

Ingrid publishes pointless city announcements and videos on her Facebook group with less than 800 members. She blocks and boots anyone who disagrees with her and her White Master Shelly Petrolia. This is a clear indication that she lacks leadership qualities. She can’t win a Facebook argument, so how is she going to win over people in real life? The answer is she can’t. 

Ingrid thinks she is qualified for Mayor because she considers herself to have a diverse background, though no one else cares. She is actually only half Black at most. Her mother is an unlicensed non-practicing white Jewish lawyer named Carol Anderson. Why Anderson is not practicing is a subject of much discussion on Facebook.

Sometimes Ingrid and Carol pretend to be having a discussion on Facebook like they don’t know each other. Actually, they live together, in the same house. They live off a settlement from a car accident Ingrid’s brother was in years ago. Carol doesn’t work and Ingrid has a part time maintenance job at the mall. Impressive.

Is Gadfly Ingrid Lee A Fake Black Jew Like Whoopie Goldberg?

fake black jew whoopi goldberg

Fake Black Jew Whoopi Goldberg

Ingrid Lee’s white mother Carol Anderson claims to be Jewish. But, is she? Ingrid, her black husband and her white Jewish mother live in the all-white neighborhood Bexley Park.

Lee claims to be a Liberal Democrat and a supporter of public education. Yet, Lee openly brags about how she yanked both of her kids out of the public schools. She and her husband sent them to a all-white private school. She must think her kids are too good for Spady.

Ingrid pretends to be black when it suits her. She even makes the outrageous claims that she spent a ‘whole summer’ as an intern at some sort of Black cause in Harlem palling around with Al Sharpton. Sure, Ingrid, sure.

Ingrid likes to claim of spending hot summer nights in Harlem with genuine “Colored folks,” as her pal, former gastropod Commissioner and neighbor Mitch Katz likes to say.

That makes your half-white Jewish self-qualified. Ultimately, Ingrid is just another user of the black community. A community that she definitely doesn’t and never would live in, represent or really care about.

Is Ingrid Lee Even Electable?

local gadfly ingrid lee

Ingrid Lee is a wannabe political player like most of the suburban elitists she pals around with in Delray Beach. She will never get the Black vote nor will she get the Beach vote. They haven’t forgotten her comment about being elitist because they wanted the sea grapes cut. Let’s face it. Is Ingrid “Neutral” Lee seethes with jealousy at every turn. She hates the beach people because they have money and she just lives with her mother.

Does Ingrid have any positive qualities? Well, yes. She did go to college unlike her bestie Juli Casale. She’s also not Shelly which is a definitely plus. However, she seems to have some deep-seated psychological problems. Lee suffers from serious problems residents must not overlook.

In addition, she has that weird gold shower fetish. Its probably left over from some unresolved childhood issues. She hasn’t gotten over whatever happened to her in childhood that’s made her so insecure about her physical appearance.

Rob Long won his commission seat. Lee hasn’t let him get to work as Commissioner. Since election night, she takes every opportunity to piss all over him. Yes, the pun was intended.

Most recently, awful Ingrid has promoted a complaint to a state trade association about Long’s possibly dubious claims of being an engineer. “Luda” Chris Davey, another shameless Shelly lackey, seems to be the brainless boob behind this attempt to discredit Long after he defeated imbecile Casale.

She despises Ryan “Smexy” Boylston as well. Our theory is that these two good-looking guys remind her of the hot guys from high school who rejected her. She knows these two guys would never go out with her or hang out with her. They feed into her poor self-image.

Our final verdict is that Ingrid “Neutral” Ingrid should forget running for office. She needs to stick with what she does best. pretending to have conversations with Carol on Facebook as though they’re not sitting right next to each other on a mustard yellow couch at home.

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