Carney Campaign Outs Boylston On Taxes And Sexuality

February 17, 2024
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Carney Campaign Outs Boylston On Taxes And Sexuality: Accusations Fly In Drama Drenched Delray Beach Mayor Race

Carney Campaign Says Boylston Tax Policy Is As Straight As Ryan’s Sexuality (Not)

Carney CampaignThe Delray Beach mayoral race is heating up like a Castro steam bath! Ryan Boylston’s crumbling campaign is taking it in the ass, big time!

Carney’s latest email raises questions about both Boylston’s tax and dating records. The email alleges that Boylston isn’t being straight.

Being straight with us is not exactly Ryan Boylston’s long suit. Difficulty being straight is a common ailment amongst commissioners and hopefuls, these days.

Carney’s mailer points to Boylston’s record raising taxes for each of the consecutive year’s Boylston has been in office. Boylston claims he’s lowered taxes. Boylston even publicized an endorsement from county tax collector Anne Gannon. One of Boylston’s ticket mates Jim Chard is having an affair with Anne Gannon. Court records show that Chard is still married to a woman in New York. That’s in another article coming soon.

Delray Beach residents have felt the pinch of their property taxes skyrocketing over the last 6 years.

Property taxes are the only issue that Delray Beach residents can agree on. Well, that and there are no good Chinese restaurants in the Delray Beach.

The Carney Campaign Blasts Boylston About His Property Tax lies. 

Carney began his assault by blasting Boylston for his lies about property taxes. Boylston claims that he has presided over lowering taxes. This is patently false. Let’s look at the math. Carney rightly points out that 8 minus 1 is 7.

Of course, is anyone surprised that Ryan would lie about his record on taxes?

Ad Man or Ass Man?

Carney Campaign

Carney goes on to refer to Boylston as an, “Ad Man.” This is meant to characterize Boylston as a sophisticated Don Draper-esque Madison Avenue type. Boylston, who fancies himself a pretty boy, is what would like people to believe.

In actuality, Boylston is a retired sleazy used car salesman from Pompano Beach. 

He does own a schlocky advertising agency with name stolen from a Miami rapper. However, Boylston’s biggest and apparently only client is a weird local Jewish guy who likes to pretend to be Black.

Oh, let’s not forget Delray Tennis. An account he shockingly won while serving on the city commission. Her later faced an ethics complaint over it.

Carney Campaign Asks Boylston To Be “Straight With Us”

Ryan Boylston

Boylston enjoys showing off his ‘welcome mat’ tattoo and his abs,

Carney also ended his mailer by saying that Ryan should be “straight” with us. Thus, leaving Delray Beach voters wondering if this is a crack about Ryan’s sexuality. Boylston is widely suspected of carrying on a tryst with local real estate broker and former Chippendale dancer Kurt Lehmann.

Ryan also brags about his veganism. This diet is apparently popular among gay men who enjoy ‘bottoming.’

Telling someone to be “straight” with them was a common expression in the days of yore but has now been added to expressions considered to be racist or homophobic. It will come as no surprise if Boylston starts accusing Carney of homophobia. After all, it wouldn’t be a bad way to gaslight voters who really should be more concerned about Boylston’s poor record on taxes.

And, of course, accusing opponents of homophobia is comes straight out of Boylston’s preferred un-straight candidate for Seat 3’s playbook. Nick Coppola will openly accuse anyone opposing his agenda as being homophobic.


Who knows what’s to cum, er, come before March 19… we do know that at least one of the candidates will be taking it up the ass… From the voters.

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