Deadbeat Commissioner Juli Casale Sued For Stiffing Insurance Adjuster

April 26, 2022
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Deadbeat Commissioner Juli Casale Sued For Stiffing African-American Insurance Adjuster Out Of Thousands Of Dollars

Deadbeat Commissioner Juli Casale

Insurance Adjuster Leon Collins

Connecticut insurance adjuster Leon Collins is suing deadbeat Commissioner Juli Casale. Collins is alleging Casale stiffed him out of $3,832.50.

Collins states that the Delray Beach Commissioner hired him after a dryer vent fire caused extensive damage to her singlewide mobile home on July 15, 2021. 

The mobile home was located in the New England Village trailer park in Meriden, CT. Local residents say the park resembles the Sunnyvale Trailer Park from the hit Canadian TV series Trailer Park Boys on Netflix.

Casale lived in the mobile home prior to marrying her husband 2002. The two were married in Las Vegas in July 2002 by a tacky Elvis impersonator.

The Delray Beach Commissioner has since been renting the mobile home to her secret family that consisted of Juli Casale’s older daughter, son-in-law, Jason and Casale’s granddaughter.

Casale hired Collins, a former 20-year investigative journalist, on July 24, 2021. Collins was to help Casale negotiate a fair settlement from Farmers Insurance. The contract states Casale was to pay Collins 10% of any insurance settlement she received.

Collins used his skills to negotiate a settlement of $38,325.01. This included $32,114.72 to repair the fire damage to the mobile home. This also included $6,210.29 to replace items damaged in the fire. This also intended to cover cleaning costs of the trailer and clean the items that could be salvaged. It should be noted that nearly 95% of the contents of the trailer were not damaged by the fire. 

Deadbeat Commissioner Juli Casale Had Other Ideas

Deadbeat Commissioner Juli CasaleUnfortunately, Casale had other ideas. She hinted around that she wanted the mobile home declared a total loss. Thus, she wanted Farmers Insurance to write her a check for $59,000. 

What Casale was planning to do with the money is anyone’s guess. Was she planning on pocketing the money? Thus, forcing her secret family to be homeless? You will have ask Commissioner Juli Casale. 

Famers Insurance made the decision to repair the mobile home instead of replacing it. They stated the damage didn’t meet the threshold of declaring the mobile home a loss.

Farmers also told Casale that declaring the trailer a total loss was out of the question.

However, Collins was attempting to negotiate an additional $4,000-$5,000 from Farmers in addition to the $38,325.01. Farmers told Casale they were willing to write a check for the $38,325.01 while they negotiated the additional amount in dispute.

Casale Has One Of Her Classic Temper Tantrums

Deadbeat Commissioner Juli CasaleThe undisputed $38,325.01 infuriated Casale and drove her straight into Crazy town.

As a result, she had one of her unhinged Veruca Salt style meltdowns like she does at commission meetings. She then broke off all communication with Collins in August 2021. She also refused to pay him his 10% of the $38,325.01 insurance settlement. This of course is a breach of her contract with Collins.

Collins was even willing to cut his bill in half just to satisfy Juli Casale. Yet, Casale refused to pay him. This left Collins no other choice but to sue Casale in small claims court. You can read the complaint and emails between Collins and Casale below. 

In the emails that you can read below, She makes the bogus assertion that Collins failed to do his job properly. I’m no lawyer nor do I profess to be one but it does appear Collins did everything Casale hired him to do.  She demanded a dollar amount calculated in her twisted imagination. Like a typical entitled white suburbanite she wanted blame Collins when she didn’t get it.  

Now she’s using her lawyer husband to cheat and bully a hard working claims adjuster who did nothing wrong but take Juli Casale on as a client. 

Trial is scheduled in Connecticut for Thursday.

You can read Collins’ complaint and the emails between him and Juli Casale below.  You decide. 

Delray Beach Commissioner Juli Casale Sued For Stiffing Insurance Adjuster by stephen6dibert on Scribd

Deadbeat Delray Beach Commissioner Juli Casale Being Sued by stephen6dibert on Scribd


Leon Collins

Please correct the above story. I was never willing to cut my bill in half. Bob and Juli Casale offered to pay half before the hearing last week, but, I never accepted that offer. Instead, I chose to file suit in small claims court. I am grateful for the win. I hope the Casales pay their bill soon. It’s long past due.

Delray Snoop

Hi Leon,

Congratulations on your win. You were in the hearts and minds the majority of Juli Casale’s constituents here in Delray Beach. Let us know if you have issues collecting the money.

Katie Milrose

In regards to the fire in CT…the trailer was built only a few years ago back in 2019 for her biological daughter Ashley Simmons, long after she had moved out of CT. She had never paid to have the home inspected as a renter and the fire almost killed Ashley and her other newborn granddaughter Sarah. Her “daughter” Kiki is the biological daughter of Ashley making Juli only Kiki’s grandmother.

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