Juli Casale’s Trailer Fire Exposes The Secret Life Of Juli Casale

May 3, 2022
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The Mystery Of Juli Casale’s Trailer Fire Exposes The Secret Life And Secret Family of Juli Casale

Delray Beach Commissioner Juli Casale’s trailer fire last year has given Delray Beach a peek into her secret world. The Casales live in a secret world that contradicts their image of living the life of champagne wishes and caviar dreams

On July 15, 2021, a dryer vent fire significantly damaged Casale’s mobile home in Connecticut. City records in Meriden, CT, show the home belongs to Casale’s RJK Family Trust. What her rationale was for putting it into a trust is anyone’s guess. However, the trust is kind of irrelevant compared to the secret world that we got a peek of because of  Juli Casale being Juli Casale.

Like every thing she does here in Delray Beach, she turned something as minor as a dryer fire into a plot for a bad Lifetime movie.

It all started because she got greedy and decided stiff an insurance adjuster. 

Juli Casale’s Trailer Fire: Casale Tries To Stiff Her Public Adjuster

Juli Casale's trailer fire

Commissioner Juli Casale tried bamboozle Connecticut Public Adjuster Leon Collins

Commissioner Casale hired Connecticut Public Adjuster Leon Collins to help with the insurance claim against Farmers Insurance.

Collins is a veteran investigative journalist of 20 years.

Casale stated she preferred that the mobile home declared a total loss. Thus, Farmers Insurance would pay her about $59,000. Casale turned hostile towards Collins when it became clear that Farmers would not pony up $59,000 for a used trailer.

The insurance company’s decision to repair the mobile home infuriated Casale. After all, Casale’s ultimate scheme was to get top dollar for the trailer.

Collins negotiated a settlement with Farmers within  6 weeks. Unfortunately for Juli Casale, she got greedy. She would not settle for anything under $59,000.

As a result, Casale was going to break the contract and not pay the 10% she owed Collins. 

Ultimately, Collins sued Casale and two went to court. 

Casale’s had her attorney husband represent her in the proceedings. Robert Casale is a seasoned Connecticut lawyer who has been practicing law in Connecticut since 1978.

In typical Casale fashion, she tried to dispute the claim. The Casales attempted to claim Leon Collins was committing fraud.

Casale and Collins both provided a string of email and text exchanges. Collins also submitted a copy of the contract that Casale signed. The contract specified the public adjuster’s fee of 10%.

Is Robert Casale Really A Wannabe Saul Goodman?

juli casale's trailer fire

Sleazeball attorney Saul Goodman from TV’s Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul

In typical Casale confusion, she and her husband missed the original court date. The Casales alleged the notice was sent to the wrong address.

It seems strange that she would not have known about the court date. Court records show she claimed her daughter and her family lived in the trailer. The complaint also states that Casale’s son-in-law was frequently seen at home after the fire.

As a result, the court assigned a new trial date.

Casale’s husband pulled a dick move by serving pro-se litigant Collins with a 30-page brief less than 48 hours before trial. 

On Thursday, April 28, 2022, Magistrate Ruth Beardsley ruled in favor of Leon Collins (see the ruling below). Judge Beardsley apparently wasn’t happy about Robert Casale’s slimeball legal maneuver or Juli Casale’s capricious and arrogant attitude toward Collins.

Juli Casale Pays Her Judgment On A K-Mart Style Layaway Plan 

juli casale's trailer fire

The court allowed Casale to pay her judgment on a K-Mart style layaway plan. Are her and her husband having financial issues?

For some unexplained reason, the Casales were not required to write a check in the full amount to Collins.

Instead, the magistrate accepted a payment arrangement. The court ordered the Casales to pay Collins $35 per week until the total is satisfied. This arrangement will take 112 weeks or more than 2 years. 

This brings up a multitude of questions about the Casales.

The Casales like to claim to be wealthy and host lavish dinner parties featuring exotic Italian meals.

Commissioner Casale claims she once owned a mystery business that she sold for “millions.” Yet, she needed to pay her $3900.00 judgment on a K-Mart style layaway plan?

Is this an attempt to avoid payment? Collins would have to take her to court every time a payment is missed.  Or is she just a broke-ass bitch wanting people to believe she lives the Robin Leach lifestyle?

Juli Casale’s Trailer Fire: Casale The Cyberbully Starts Gaslighting

Juli Casale's trailer fire

Commissioner Casale and Convicted Delray Beach Pervert David Torgerson

Casale exploded in a tirade of cyberbullying and personal attacks after the Delray Beach Confidential posted an article about the lawsuit.

Casale and her minions, Kelly Barrette and Ingrid Lee launched into their typical merlot-fueled deranged outrage.

They claimed the story was false and made up. Although, we did include a copy of the complaint and exhibits in the article. 

However, they didn’t aim their claims of ‘misogyny’ and ‘doxing at us. They aimed the allegations at local wannabe social media influencer Gregg Weiss.

The verdict was not available until April 29, 2022. Yet, that didn’t stop Casale and her compadres from online gaslighting and denials.

Casale had a “power lunch” with convicted pervert David Torgerson on Friday, April 29th. Perhaps they discussed tactics such as shouting, “Retard!,” at people with cerebral palsy or planting bed bugs in various public places.

Who Lives in the Torched Trailer?

Juli Casale's trailer fire Juli Casale’s attempts to cheat Leon Collins are not surprising. However, the case reveals some new and troubling information.

Casale has a secret family that she has hidden from voters in Delray Beach. Casale admitted in court documents that the trailer was the home of her unnamed daughter, the daughter’s husband, and their baby.

Casale’s “Facts of the Case” states that:

This property was purchased to provide a residence for a relative with special needs.

Multiple emails between Casale and Collins refer to Casale’s daughter, husband, and baby. The magistrate’s ruling also refers to Casale’s daughter, husband, and baby. But Casale claims to only have one daughter, the teenager who resides with her and Robert in Delray Beach.

Who is Casale’s mystery daughter?


You can also read more about Delray Beach Commissioner Juli Casale’s dirty secrets at Delray Beach Confidential.


Katie Milrose

In regards to the fire in CT…the trailer was built only a few year ago for her biological daughter Ashley Simmons, long after she had moved out of CT. She had never paid to have the home inspected as a renter and the fire almost killed Ashley and her child. Her “daughter” Kiki is the biological daughter of Ashley making Juli only Kiki’s grandmother.

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[…] Marshall is in her late 30s and lives in Connecticut. She lives in the trailer owned by Juli that burned down in 2022.  […]

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