Anneze Barthelemy Recruits Criminals For Campaign Staff

December 12, 2023
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Anneze Barthelemy Borrows Move From Petrolia Playbook. She Hosts Tupperware Parties Outside Parole Board Hearings.

We admit it. We dropped the ball. When Delray Beach Confidential ran a rundown of the qualified candidates running in March’s election, we omitted Anneze Barthelemy. Why? Honestly, we forgot all about her and we also suspect that most of the city did too. That was until now.

It appears that Barthelemy, who dresses like a drag queen impersonator, has adopted Shelly Petrolia’s technique of recruiting campaign staffers from the waiting room at the Palm Beach County parole board.

Convicted Felons and Bigots Make Great Campaign Staffers

Anneze Barthelemy

Drag queen impersonator Anneze Barthelemy hired bigoted campaign staffers.

Florida Jolt has reported that two campaign staffers for Barthelemy were caught on a hot mic shooting their mouths off.

Barthelemy campaign staffers, Christopher Carl Ferris and Josephine Dachoute, had a discussion about Nick Coppola,

Coppola is an LGBTQ activist running against Barthelemy for Seat #3 on the city commission. Delray political insiders consider Coppola as the frontrunner in the race.

Ferris and Dachoute indulged in some delusional claim that Coppola supporters allegedly urged Barhelemy to drop out of the race. 

Why would Coppola’s people do this? Ferris and Dachoute opine Coppola is worried about losing to Barthelemy. 

How Ferris and Dachoute drew this conclusion is unknown. 

Of course, the two peppered the conversation with offensive bigoted language and several anti-gay slurs. including, “Faggot,” and openly state, “I don’t want any gays.”

Who Are These Crazy Campaign Staffers?

Anneze Barthelemy

Christopher Carl Ferris, a homeless drug addict vandal who Barthelemy employed as a campaign staffer.

Josephine Dachoute

Dachoute is a 32 year-old dropout from Palm Beach State College who now lives in Lake Worth. She previously lived in Boynton Beach. There is also nothing on Google about her. Did she scrub the internet about her past?

If she did, what is she hiding?

Christopher Carl Ferris

Ferris seems more fitting for the Petrolia-Casale camp. He has a criminal record as long as his arm. Authorities have arrested and convicted him for felonies and drugs. In addition, Delray Beach recently arrested him for vandalism.

On the recording, Ferris tell Dachoute that he could change his voter registration to Delray Beach. He tells her his mother lives on SW 10th Ave.

However, the address he references does not appear to belong to any relative of his. However, a business previously belonging to Ferris was registered to that address. Ferris’s  business was a an alleged massage parlor. However, residents in the neighborhood say the building was a known ‘Trap House.”

Despite having title to a property inside the prestigious PGA Resort area of Palm Beach Gardens, Ferris is described as a ‘vagrant’ in various arrest records. He also has used a public defender in many of his cases. If he plays his cards right, maybe he’ll get to meet Adam Frankel soon!

Buckle up, kiddos! The 2024 election is on track to be more wacky and crazier than 2023 and 2021. 


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