Is Juli Casale Mentally Fit To Hold Public Office?

January 5, 2022
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Is Delray Beach Commissioner Juli Casale Mentally Fit To Hold Public Office? Her Behavior Raises Serious Concerns.

Juli Casale

Residents are questioning the mental stability of Delray Beach Commissioner Juli Casale.

The Delray Beach City Commission meetings are usually boring and filed with a lot of mundane governmental technobabble.

So, like most people, you probably missed City Commissioner Juli Casale having an epic meltdown.

Casale’s March 2nd Joan Crawford style meltdown raises questions about her mental fitness.

As a result, residents are now concerned about her ability to make logical and sound decisions on their behalf.  

When we played the footage of her meltdown to people on the street, the most asked question people asked was, “Who elected this nut?” and, “Who is this lunatic?”

One guy walking his dog down Atlantic Avenue commented, “This woman sounds crazy! I’m glad she’s not my wife! I can’t believe this nut makes decisions about how my taxes are being spent.” 

Juli Casale

At the March 2nd Commission meeting, Mayor Petrolia basically told Juli Casale to stop her whining and complaining.

Commissioner Casale’s nearly two minute tirade raises questions her mental fitness for public office.

For nearly two minutes, she whined and moaned about how people don’t like her and how people say mean things about her on social media.

She also became combative with other members of the commission. Basically, turning the commission meeting into circus. 

Casale’s inappropriate and nonsensical rant lasted about two minutes before Mayor Shelly Petrolia cut her off.

You can watch the video below.

Mayor Petrolia also had to remind Casale that the commission meeting was an inappropriate venue for her rant.  

Casale also insinuated that the comments about her were part of some nefarious Facebook conspiracy by mayoral candidate Tracy Caruso.

Caruso is currently running against Shelly Petrolia in the contentious March 9th election. Casale is currently backing Petrolia’s re-election efforts. 

Does Juli Casale Suffer From Mental Illness Or Is She Just A Drunk?

juli casaleCasale starts her batshit crazy rant at the Commission meeting by saying:

I go out of my way not to offend people. We may disagree on process and policy but I don’t offend anybody.

28 seconds later, she added:

(people on social media) Calling me words I can’t repeat on here.

After whining and crying for two minutes about social media conspiracies and how “men” are picking on her on social media. She ended her rant by saying:

I’m not taking it personally. I’m not commenting on it!

However, Juli Casale seems to forget or is in denial about her own abhorrent behavior toward members of the Delray Beach community. Behavior that suggests she has serious mental health issues or suffers from serious problems with alcohol.

In February, she blasted out a post on Facebook calling mayoral candidate Tracy Caruso an anti-Semite and a holocaust denier. Casale was told repeatedly Caruso was Jewish and her father served in Europe during World War II. Yet, Casale continued to blast out the post. She also later refused to retract the post after nearly two dozen people commented negatively about it.

But Wait, There’s More Juli Casale Craziness

Is The Crazy Commissioner A Drunk?Casale also seems to forget her even more abhorrent behavior at the Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce Candidates Debate on February 10th.

At the event, witnesses say Casale yelled a string of profanities at Delray Beach Mortgage Broker Christopher Mitchell.

She even went as far as calling him a “pussy” and threatened to use her position on the commission to destroy his mortgage business. Mitchell and 4 other witnesses confirm that the incident happened.

A former Delray Beach Commissioner stated:

I was shocked by Commissioner Casale’s behavior. I have never witnessed an elected official act in such an unprofessional and bizarre manner especially to a constituent. It was the craziest thing I have ever seen. She needs to publicly apologize to Mr. Mitchell for her behavior. She also needs to seek help for whatever her problem is.

Another witness said:

I don’t know if Juli Casale was drunk that night or she has mental health issues but her behavior was the craziest thing I have ever witnessed and was unacceptable.

Witnesses say guests of Petrolia and her slate of candidates Mitch Katz and Price Patton drank copious amounts of alcohol that evening. 

Wait! There Is Even More Bat-Shit Crazy Behavior From The Crazy Commissioner

Juli CasaleCommissioner Juli Casale’s pattern of bat-shit crazy behavior didn’t stop at the Chamber of Commerce event.

Casale continued with her unhinged outbursts at the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum on February 20th.

During the debate between Caruso and Petrolia, Petrolia enraged Delray Beach’s black community by referred to her black constituents as, “my dark skinned brothers and sisters.

Caruso responded with quoting a text Petrolia sent to Assistant City Manager Suzanne Fisher moments before a George Floyd vigil last year saying:

Preparing for this vigil for George Floyd. Not sure what we are going to be dealing with…Need this like a hole in head.”

At that point, witnesses say both Juli Casale and former Commission candidate and Petrolia Psycho Squad Leader Kelly Barrette yelled, “Liar” to Caruso. 

Casale and Barrette’s unprofessional and histrionic outburst disrupted the debate. It also raised the ire of the debate moderator.

If you are currently being or have been harassed or threatened by Commissioner Juli Casale, call the Palm Beach County Commission On Ethics hotline at 561.355.1915. You can also fill out a complaint form by clicking here.

You can also read more scoop about the happenings in Delray Beach at Delray Beach Confidential.



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