Pathological Liar Juli Casale Busted In Another Big Lie!

October 20, 2022
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Pathological Liar Juli Casale Busted In Another Big Lie! This Time About Old School Square. Is It Curtains For Casale’s Political Career?

Pathological Liar Juli Casale

Commissioner Juli Casale pleads with voters to forgive her over her OSS vote in August 2021

BUSTED! Retired Connecticut D-list stripper and pathological liar Juli Casale is caught in another big lie.

This time you can add Old School Square to her lengthy political resume of deranged craziness.

Over the weekend, the embattled commissioner sent out an email about Old School Square last weekend.

Casale’s campaign email was filled with half-truths and bizarre rants. She alleged there was a mass conspiracy out to divide the town and to smear her name. 

Casale attempted to justify her August 2021 vote terminating the lease for Old School Square. 

The August 2021 vote was not on the agenda for that meeting that night. To make matters worse, Mayor Shelly Petrolia and Commissioner Casale did not allow public input prior to the vote.

In other words, the two of them snuck it into the meeting agenda and then rammed through. Thus, violently raping the tenets of Robert’s Rules of Order and open government. 

Pathological Liar Juli Casale Finds Herself Alone 

Pathological Liar Juli Casale

Pathological Liar Juli Casale has history of lying and misleading Delray Beach residents

Casale soon realized she had a serious problem on her hands after the vote. She had to face hordes of pissed off voters alone.

Shelly Petrolia wasn’t going to use her iron fist to protection her or pull Casale’s puppet strings any longer. Petrolia also wasn’t there to tell her what to say and do.

Weeks after the vote, Casale began groveling and apologizing for her vote.

Months later, she realized the Jimmy Swaggart “I have sinned against you” schtick wasn’t working. So, she came up with a new strategy.

Casale began pointing to years of accounting irregularities by the non-profit managing Old School Square. She began claiming after the vote, she dug up secret information that the commission kept from the public to justify her vote. 

Casale was even caught on camera in September 2021 drunkenly joking and laughing about it with misogynistic former commissioner Mitch Katz. You can watch the video that the buffalo humped former commissioner posted to his Facebook account below.

So, why was none of this made public prior to the vote? If the commission had issues with OSS going back to 2016 like Casale claims, why were they not addressed? This very well may smack in the face of Sunshine Law violations. 

These 2016 secret reports mentioned in the video were presented to the commission during Mitch Katz’s tenure on the commission. So, why is  Katz shocked to hear about them now? This just shows how much of an incompetent buffoon of a commissioner Mitch Katz was. He obviously never heeded the advice of Dean Wormer when he said, “fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.”

Pathological Liar Juli Casale Sends Out Bat-Shit Crazy Email Filed With “Alternative Facts” 

 Pathological Liar Juli CasaleThis email actually illustrates what a truly Helter Skelter personality Juli Casale has. In addition, it also shows how disconnected from reality Casale is.

She blames residents’ dissatisfaction with her vote on a “disinformation campaign” by the non-profit that ran OSS. She says:

“In hindsight, had we discussed the vote in a public City Commission meeting, the residents would have been able to see firsthand the overwhelming need for a change. A more public airing might have pre-empted the nonprofit’s subsequent disinformation campaign and the division it caused in our city.”  

This isn’t entirely true. Resident are mad because three people on the commission including Casale decided to violate the basic tenets of open government by voting on it without any prior notice and then ram it through with no public discussion or debate. 

Casale claims she worked to hard to avoid terminating the lease:

In the weeks leading up to the vote, I worked hard to avoid terminating the lease.  I met personally with OSSCFA board members and active donors, and I spoke to others on the phone.  I was consistent in my message: years of financial issues have plagued OSSCFA; this is not a “political” decision; OSSCFA’s finances need to be in order, like every other nonprofit.(Old School Square v. City of Delray Beach 50-2021-CA-012364, page 28).

According to the complaint, this statement is only partially true.

Casale had one single tour of the facility on July 30, 2021 and warned the OSS board of the commission was not happy. The complaint states that she did tell them that OSS needed to be audit compliant. This appears to be the only private meeting she had with board members of OSS. 

If what Casale is saying is true, it would be a blatant violation of Florida Sunshine Laws and she could find herself in front of the ethics commission yet again. She obviously had private conversations with other commissioners in advance of the meeting. She knew what Johnson and Petrolia were planning well ahead of the meeting.

Did Pathological Liar Juli Casale Actually Pass High School Government Class?

Pathological Liar Juli Casale

It has become painfully clear Juli Casale may have flunked high school government.

It’s clear Juli Casale flunked high school government class. Her actions on the commission clearly show this. In her email she states:

When I voted, on August 10th, 2021, I extended a lifeline to OSSCFA – come into compliance and I will reconsider my vote.  My offer to help is on the public record and is documented in OSSCFA’s Complaint against the City. (Old School Square v. City of Delray Beach 50-2021-CA-012364, page 32). 

Again, this is not true. According to the complaint that at the August 10, 2021 meeting:

“…with Casale not fully understanding the implications (of her vote) as she recommended that post-termination the city could re-negotiate with OSS. Gelin made it clear that the Commission’s decision is irrevocable” (Old School Square v. City of Delray Beach 50-2021-CA-012364, page 32). 

Gelin told Casale to think long and hard about her vote before she cast it. 

OSS also alleges on page 32 of their complaint that Petrolia, Casale and Johnson conspired with others long before the vote to oust the OSS Board. They wanted to replace it with a board that the three of them could control. This is a similar stunt Petrolia did several years ago with the CRA. 

In addition, she told WPTV days after the vote:

“I don’t feel uncomfortable with the vote at all.”

WPTV also stated:

“Casale said she does not plan to reconsider the vote right now, and city staff is looking at how and who would take over managing this city-owned property.”

It’s time to hold Juli Casale accountable for her words and actions. Delray Beach residents deserve more than half truths and lies from their elected officials. 

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