Pride and Prejudice: Casale Turns Her Back On The LGBTQIA Community

June 13, 2022
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Pride And Prejudice: The Delray Beach Commission Demonstrates An Exercise in Civil Stupidity

Pride and Prejudice

Local slumlord Nick Coppola slaps paint on the 2nd Avenue intersection.

In 2021, the Delray Beach city commission voted unanimously to paint a ersatz pride flag on the street of a prominent intersection in the artsy Pineapple Grove. The intersection has turned into an issue of both pride and prejudice among residents.

Well-known gay activist and slumlord Nicholas Coppola was the mastermind behind monument (if you want to call it that). Coppola used his influence on the Commission to hastily approve painting the intersection. Days later, the city slapped some paint across a 2nd Avenue intersection. As a result, giving birth to the pride intersection.

The Delray Beach city commission plan was ill-conceived and not well thought out. Not surprising, ill-conceived plans are the trademark of the Delray Beach Commission.

The rising king-or-queenmaker Coppola nor the Commission devised any long tern maintenance plans for maintenance of the painted intersection.

The commissioners were eager to pander to the perceived influx of LGBTQIA voters. Thus, they ignored the safety issues of applying slippery paint to an intersection with heavy pedestrian traffic. It also inadvertently created an attractive nuisance for vandals.

Pride And Prejudice: Juli Casale Stabs LGBTQIA Voters In The Back

Pride And Prejudice

Delray Beach Mayor Shelly Petrolia celebrates Pride Month. Homophobic Commissioner Juli Casale was notably absent from Pride celebrations.

In a surprising break with her previous support of all things woke and uber-liberal, Juli Casale voiced angered condemnation.

The churlish charlatan Commissioner Juli Casale is often at odds with Commissioner Ryan Boylston. The two are potential challengers in Delray Beach’s 2024 mayoral race.

This time, her criticism is of the pride intersection. Her criticism signaled her departure with the LGBTQIA community. The LGBTQIA also saw this as a slap in the face. 

Fearing a direct challenger in next year’s election from an LGBTQIA rival, Casale took the opportunity to gay bash.

Casale invoked her typical uninformed rhetoric about fiscal responsibility to disguise her obvious disdain for the gay monument.

Casale has also been no stranger to controversy. Controversies about her past as a stripper, her Connecticut trailer fire, and a falsified Harvard degree are taking it’s toll. As a result,  Casale is attempting to reinvent and rebrand herself as the city’s fiscal watchdog.

Should The Memorial Be A Permanent Memorial?

Delray Beach Commissioner Ryan Boylston

Delray Beach Commissioner Ryan Boylston is very LGBTIA Friendly

Prior to the 2022 Pride celebration, Commissioner Ryan Boylston introduced the topic of memorializing the intersection. This would guarantee its permanent maintenance. Memorializing the painting has several benefits including a budget for annual maintenance.

The Commission was shocked when they realized the intersection had to be painted twice. The Dimwitted members of the dias didn’t realize that paint applied to a street with heavy car traffic in the brutal Florida sunshine fades extremely fast. Within days, it once again began to look like well-licked lollypop.

Annual painting of the intersection bills in about $2000, even for the poor-grade contractor that the city selected in 2022.

In addition to permanent maintenance, memorializing the Pride painting would make vandalism a serious crime.

Absolutely Not Fabulous, Ryan

Absolutely not impressive, Commish.

In a move to further solidify his support from the gay community, Boylston proceeded to publicize homoerotic pictures of his underwhelming abs on social media.

The formerly portly commissioner posted the several risque photos of himself on Facebook. He claims these are before-and-after pictures of him being on some fitness regiment. Personally, we can’t see the difference. After all, you ca do a lot with trick lighting. 

All the photos did was to highlight his poor taste in recently acquired tattoos. Boylston also revealed his “Welcome Matt.”

For those of you who are not in the world of trolling for tricks or man whoring, a “Welcome Matt” is like a tramp stamp. However, a man or a woman puts it on their lower abs right above their vagina or penis. It’s an invitation to other men and women to come and “take a taste” of what the person is like. 



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