Delray Beach City Commission Puts Lipstick On A Pig

March 2, 2022
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Delray Beach City Commission Puts Lipstick On A Pig For Black History Month 

Delray Beach City CommissionLocal municipalities usually celebrate Black History Month by commemorating black leaders past and present. Some even recognize local black residents who achieved great things despite facing the social inequalities of racism. Not the Delray Beach City Commission.  

You could hear crickets throughout city hall in February about city sponsored events promoting black history. Worse, you could even hear crickets from the dias. No proclamations and no resolutions acknowledging the acheivements local people of color. 

This is disconcerting considering Delray Beach’s racist past. After all, the city was once described as “Hitler’s Dream Realized” by B’nai Birth. In the 1950s, Delray Beach residents were proud of the city’s segreationalist policies. The federal government made those policies illegal two decades later.

The Delray Beach City Commission did pass a resolution condemning hate in February. The only problem was that it wasn’t aimed at hate against people of color.

The resolution condemned anti-Semitism and hate crimes against Jews. Yet, again, people of color get the short end of the stick by Mayor Petrolia and the City Commission during Black History Month.

The resolution also denounces the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS). BDS is a pro-Palestinian movement popular with the Trotskyist/Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party. The movement 

The BDS calls the Isreali government, “Occupiers,” and calls Isreal an “Apartheid State.”

The BDS movement also calls for the abolishment of Israel and insist on calling Israel,“Palestine.”

BDS propaganda mostly comes from the terrorist group Hamas who controls the government of Gaza. 

The Delray Beach City Commission By Passing Anti-Semitism Resolution Behind Closed Doors

Delray Beach City Commission

The resolution was a knee-jerk reaction to a blog post calling out Commissioner Ryan Boylston. Boylston is allegedly forging political alliances with fringe groups and crazy people in Delray in his quest to become Mayor.

The day after the blog post, Commissioner Juli Casale introduced the resolution. The Commission agreed to vote on it at the Commission meeting the following week.

The commission drafted the hastily written resolution for the following week’s meeting. But did they actually write it?

The resolution appears to copied and pasted from one passed in Palm Beach Gardens in 2021.

The Delray Beach City Commission voted on the resolution on February 8, 2022. However, they voted on it in a very unusual and clandestine way.

Matter of fact, it was so clandestine even Mossad would be impressed.

Before voting, the commission cut the live video feed for the meeting. As such, no one could see who voted for it. Residents also could not hear any comments by the commissioners or by the public. 

The Delray Beach City Comission also didn’t publicize the resolution like they normally do commemorating the LGBTQ community.

The resolution is largely ceremonial and has no legal standing. As one long term Jewish resident said about the Commission, “You can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still Treif!”

You can also read more scoop about the happenings in Delray Beach at Delray Beach Confidential.


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