Uncle Fester Impersonator Mitch Katz Busted

October 13, 2022
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Uncle Fester Impersonator Mitch Katz Busted Doing An Illegal Home Renovation. He Claims Ignorance And Throws His Wife Under The Bus For The Whole Debacle.

Uncle Fester Impersonator Mitch KatzHeather Katz has to be wondering if she made a mistake marrying Uncle Fester impersonator Mitch Katz. After all, he berates her in public and blames her when he screws up.

Seriously, when your married to an Uncle Fester looking gastropod with anger management issues like Mitch Katz, does a girl really need enemies?

Mitch Katz’s mistreatment of his wife is a bit surprising. After all the former commissioner pals around with retired Connecticut D-list stripper Juli Casale and “Winebox Kelly” Barrette. Both women are self-proclaimed experts on misogyny.

On any given night, the Patsy and Edina of Delray Beach can be seen getting insanely drunk cruising Atlantic Avenue. After few bottles merlot, they start stumbling around drunkenly lecturing random men about “misogyny.”  

So you would think they would educate a fat putz like Mitch Katz on how to treat a woman. Especially, someone like his  wife. After all, she is Mitch’s sugar mama and the mother of his children.  

Uncle Fester Impersonator Mitch Katz Renovates His Home

Uncle Fester Impersonator Mitch KatzEarlier this year, the gastropod former commissioner and his wonderful wife decided to do some HGTV cosplay and renovate their home. 

There was only one problem with this. Mitch didn’t pull any permits from the City of Delray Beach. Nor did he have any inspections done. As a former city commissioner, Katz should have known he needed to pull permits for the type of renovation he did.

Besides, the process isn’t very difficult. If he found it overwhelming, all he had to do is ring Mayor Shelly Petrolia. Petrolia could have helped him streamline the process. Petrolia would use her trademark tactics of goosestepping into city hall and bullied city code enforcement into submission until they gave the Katzes their permits. 


Uncle Fester Impersonator Mitch KatzAfter the project was completed, Heather Katz wanted to show off her and Mitch’s renovation skills. So she posted pictures of it on Facebook like other proud white suburbanites do. 

Unfortunately for Heather, not everyone in Delray Beach has the same level of tolerance for her buffoonish husband as she does.

One of Mitch Katz’s many enemies soon discovered that the Katzes didn’t pull permits from Delray Beach Code Enforcement. Naturally, pandemonium broke out on Facebook. 

After a few hours, the gastropod former commissioner erupts in anger. He claims ignorance to the renovation and blames his poor sweet and loving wife for the whole debacle. 

Poor Heather. Mitch blames her for everything he screws up. 

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