Bad Angie Gray Throws Temper Tantrum

May 3, 2023
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Sore Loser Bad Angie Gray Throws Temper Tantrum. Is She On Her Way Of Being Thrown On The Ash Heap of Delray Beach History?

Angie Gray aka Bad Angie Gray is fresh off a loss to regain a seat she once occupied. Now she is bitching about victor Angela Burns’s plans to reform the Delray Beach CRA which doesn’t include the former commissioner. Gray sat on the commission until she was indicted for public corruption. 

Once a fully-independent board, Mayor Shelly Petrolia instigated a takeover early in her reign of terror. The iron fisted menace of a mayor ousted leaders chosen from within The Set community. She then replaced them with the city commission and some hand-picked cronies.

A Little History…

bad angie gray

Angie Gray was booted from the Delray Beach Commission after being accused of public corruption.

Once upon a time was a city commissioner herself. Her incompetent ass once held the traditional ‘Black’ seat. Yes, it’s the same seat that she just lost in March.

During her short tenure in office, Gray and another incompetent buffoon cooked up a scheme to funnel city money into a shady ‘consulting’ company that they were involved with.

While charged with municipal corruption, Gray lost the seat to Shirley Johnson. In an, “Only in Delray, kids,” moment, Adam Frankel was one of her criminal defense attorneys. For an additional twist to this Shakespearian drama, Shelly Petrolia lead the campaign to jail Gray for her misdeeds.

This municipal corruption incident had nothing to do with the previous whammy that Gray pulled off. Gray sports a demurely butch hair style made popular by 1980s lesbian high school girls’ field hockey coaches. Yet, oddly Gray owns her own hair design business.

The CRA essentially gave Gray and her business a free downtown property. Gray later sold for a windfall profit. She later sold the property to a wealthy white developer.

In other words, Bad Angie Gray made a huge profit off selling her free property in The Set. The very neighborhood she purportedly represented and lived in.

Gray promptly took the proceeds and paid cash for a house near disgraced charlatan former commissioner Juli Casale-Santos. As you recall, Casale-Santos lied about going to Harvard. Casale and her sugar-daddy husband in the all-white Sabal Lakes neighborhood west of I-95.

Fast Forward…

bad angie gray

Former Commissioner Mitch Katz trying outdrink Shelly Petrolia and her gal pals without soiling himself

Last year Petrolia, Gray and Casale-Santos formed an unholy alliance with all three becoming BFFs. Massively rotund Mitch Katz wanted to be considered part of that cabal. However, the triumvirate of cackling losers judged him as not being cool enough after he soiled himself one too many times in public. Katz apparently soils himself trying to out drink these three ladies. 

Petrolia soon gained full control of the CRA. As a result, she decided to stuffing the board with as many of her cronies and sycophants as possible. Petrolia also arranged for Bad Angie Gray to get a seat on some sort of Solid Waste Authority board. Literally, Shelly Petrolia put the trash with the garbage.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Petrolia and her friends clearly have no sense of shame or propriety. Therefore, they found it perfectly acceptable to ditch ass-licking asshat Ingrid Lee. Lee is desperate to become a commissioner and is in favor of supporting a political comeback for Gray.

Battle Of The Angies

bad angie gray

Battle of the Angies included Angela Burns facing off against Bad Angie Gray

In a confusing Battle of the Angies, voters chose to elect Ms. Angela Burns, who is, frankly, not a great pick either. In our editorial meetings we referred to her as, “Meh, Angie.”

March brought a nasty blow to Petrolia’s power pulpit. Bad Angie Gray lost to Angela Burns. Little liar loser “Juli -From-The-Trailer-Park” Casale-Santos lost to Rob Long. Long won despite the Petrolia psycho squad’s efforts to discredit him.

To the victors go the spoils: in this case, the new commission has left Shelly as an island of one and naked and afraid. The political climate has turned stormy for Smelly Shelly and her miserable minions.

Burns, Long, and their allies at city hall are exploring restoring the CRA back to the independent body that it once was. Bad Angie Gray is correct in her complaint that it can’t be done overnight and it would require state approval.

Thankfully, thanks to the horrendous behavior from Petrolia, Casale-Santos, Johnson, and others, the state is already taking a close look at the dirty business in Delray Beach. Too bad for Gray, her only ally maybe going to prison or at best planning her early retirement to Sarasota.

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