Is Geriatric Driver Jim Chard Putting Your Life In Danger?

December 16, 2023
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Confused Geriatric Driver Jim Chard Uses His Tesla As An M1 Abrams Tank. “Damn it, Jim! It’s A Tesla Not An Abrams Tank!”

maniac driver jim chardMost political types are notoriously bad drivers. However, very few have reached the benchmark set by Ted Kennedy or former First Lady Laura Bush.

That doesn’t mean they don’t try especially in Delray Beach. Locally, former Commissioner and geriatric driver Jim Chard now joins the ranks of Winebox Kelly Barrette and Tony Petrolia

Chard doesn’t have that many traffic tickets. However, Jim Chard’s traffic citations make you wonder if it’s time for the 79-year-old to turn in his license. After all, Palm Beach County has enough bad geriatric drivers on the road especially during snow bird season. We don’t need more.

In October 2016, Delray Beach Police ticketed Chard for careless driving. Apparently, Chard had a senior moment and confused his 2015 Tesla for an M1 Abrams tank. This caused Chard to use his Tesla as a battering ram. As a result, he rear-ended a stopped car in front of him. Thus, wrecking his Tesla and the car in front of him.

Chard pleaded not guilty and court proceedings proceeded over the next several months. However, it appears Chard used his political and Harvard connections to make the case disappear in stereotypical corrupt Florida fashion.

In January 2021, Florida Highway Patrol issued Chard a ticket for blocking the path an emergency vehicle. According to the court file, Chard blocked the path of an ambulance on I-95 after a major traffic accident. As the woman laid dying, a self-centered Chard refused to move his Tesla like a typical arrogant white suburbanite from Boca and Delray. Or was it another senior moment?

However, this time Chard pleaded guilty and paid the $166 fine. Apparently, 1-800-Rent-Black-Kids didn’t have any kids available to go to court with him.

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