Boca Raton Museum Says “Bye Bye Bubbe” to Juli Casale

July 4, 2022
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Boca Raton Museum Spurns Drunken Jew Basher Juli Casale’s Surly Overtures 

At the June 14th Delray Beach City Commission meeting, Juli Casale reintroduced the concept of reaching out to the Boca Raton Museum of Art to take over the shuttered Old School Square campus. Old School Square was once a vibrant center for cultural and art. Casale and her cronies, for reasons yet unknown, hated Old School Square. Petrolia and Casale destroyed it last summer in a non-agenda vote like thieves in the night.

The dimwitted commissioner remarked that absolutely nothing of substance has happened at the facility since the doors were “paddle locked.” 

In her typical Merlot-slurred manner, Casale quipped on June 14, “We should have a cultural arts facility in the gateway of our city that is top of the line.” Apparently, in her inebriated state that day, the shicker forgot that we already had one until she destroyed it.

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Recruit Some Black People You Don’t Know To Sway Shirley Johnson’s Vote

Mother and son team from Visual Adjectives have experience running displays at Renaissance Fairs.

Despite losing a prior vote to bring in the Boca Raton Museum to run Delray’s shuttered Cornell Museum, ferschimmelt Casale reintroduced the topic and won over the fickle Shirley Johnson by looping in an ill-prepared mother/son duo that mainly runs booths at renaissance fairs.

Initially, Michelle Lawrence and her son Edward Stinson presented their plans for a complete takeover of the Old School Square campus. The two presented a fairly thorough imagining of a collaborative network approach to management.

Casale could barely contain herself throughout their presentation. Looking like a senior citizen on an airplane in bad need of a bathroom, she finally burst in. Casale ham-handedly cobbled together a plan to force Lawrence and Stinson to work in collaboration with the Boca Raton Museum. Lawrence responded, “If we have to…” and Casale ignored her and forced a vote.

Except Casale forgot one small detail in in drunken stupor. She neglected to consult with the Boca Raton Museum if they were still interested. Ultimately, Boca Musuem told Gramma Casale to, “Gay kocken offen yom,” or take a hike.

There’s A Saying: Jews Are Smart And Good With Money

Dimwitted Juli Casale is very impressed with the Boca Raton Museum’s collection of banal corporate art. This piece of crap is “Marty’s Cube” by Tony Rosenthal.

The leadership of the Boca Raton Museum is, much like the city of Boca Raton itself, majority Jewish. Not surprisingly, the Boca Raton Museum spurned Delray’s second overture.

Irvin Lippman, Boca Raton Museum director, demurred from entering the Delray arts fracas citing monetary and logistical difficulties

Casale repeatedly touted the merits of the very Jewish museum. The chazer went as far as to claim that their mediocre collection of drek prints and office-park-esque sculpture is internationally renowned. Perhaps it is by idiots like Casale who don’t know anything about art or culture.

But was Boca’s rejection of Delray’s pleas simply based on economics? Does the museum feel that the Delray Beach commissioners are a bunch of shnorrers? Or is Casale’s long history of Jew-bashing part of the story?

It looks like the wise leaders of the Boca Raton Museum said a Mi Sheberach and walked away from Delray’s woes and its coven of Jew-bashing commissioners.

Oy Vey! No Support for Katz

Has Mitch Katz joined the Russian Army in their so-called battle against Neo-Nazis in Ukraine?

In the 2021 election cycle, Casale openly campaigned for her gal-pal Mayor Shelly Petrolia. Sunshine Law be damned, Casale rode around with Petrolia door-knocking and handing out leaflets.

Casale showed no such support for Petrolia’s ticket-mate, former commissioner Mitch Katz. Mitch Katz is a prominent schmendrick in the local Jewish community.

Katz ran to reclaim his commission seat in 2021 against Ryan Boylston. He ticketed-up with Shelly Petrolia and Price Patton. Both Shelly Petrolia and Ryan Boylston have used coded anti-Semitic language in an attempt to appease native Floridian voters in their campaign against invasion from New Yorkers (Jews).

Katz was a former commissioner and had experience. However, it’s unthinkable that they wouldn’t have thrown all influence and resources behind him. But, of course, he is a Jew. His loss in the race to another possible Jew-hater is obviously linked to the lack of support from Casale and Petrolia, who instead wasted their time on the hopeless campaign of Kelly Barrette … err Price Patton. A goyem

One might have assumed Casale would support Katz for several reasons. Both are self-proclaimed Democrats. Both also have dubious education histories. Casale falsely claims to have attended Harvard College and Katz  has a fakakta masters from online degree mill Grand Canyon University.

Was Casale’s History Of Drunken Jew Bashing The Reason The Boca Raton Museum Told Her To Take A Hike? 

Casale has flippantly accused prominent Jews of Holocaust denial. She uses the tragedy as a political football for her petty political gain.

Casale has made a habit out of foolishly calling Jewish people Holocaust deniers and saying that THEY are anti-Semitic.

Juli Casale also made outrageous claims about other candidates being Holocaust deniers. When informed that one of the candidates that she accused of being a Holocaust denier was indeed Jewish, the drunken Jew-bashing Casale’s response was, “Someone ought to tell her that!”

According to Juli Casale, a gentile who probably never met a Jewish person until she moved to Palm Beach County (unless they wandered into her pole-dancing joint). If you’re Jewish and you’re not a Democrat, you’re an anti-Semite. This convoluted thinking is yet more proof that she never graduated from Harvard, where over 20% of the students are indeed Jewish.

Bitch, Please… Please?

Boca Raton MuseumGiven Casale’s woes of late, we think it is time for a change on the commission. After years of willfully ignoring the desires of her constituents it is time for meshugganah Juli to hit the road. Her falsified past and fake Harvard degree are enough to disqualify her from public office. Her surly behavior and drunken antics are genug shoyn which translates as, enough already!

Perhaps the Boca Raton Museum would be more willing to work with some who is not such a blatant Jew-basher?

The most obvious replacement is Delray Beach’s favorite squeaky wheel would be Ingrid Lee. While no one really likes nudnik Ingrid and she self-identifies as Black, she is indeed Jewish. It would be a shanda to dismiss Ingrid purely on her horrific fashion sense (Teva’s DO NOT go with everything, Ingrid) or her cheese grater voice.

Ingrid does show some at least a small degree of care and respect for the wishes of the Delray Beach community. She just doesn’t have the chutzpah to actually run for office.


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[…] During the 2023 election cycle, Coppola joined this publication in questioning the veracity of Casale’s now disproven claim that she attended Harvard. He also fervently supported fellow queer Rob Long in his successful, though scandal-plagued, bid against the lying homophobe anti-Semite Casale. […]

Is Another Gay Commissioner A “Man-Date” for Delray Beach?

[…] Coppola joined this publication last year in questioning Casale’s now disproven claim that she attended Harvard. He also fervently supported fellow closeted queer Rob Long in his successful bid against lying homophobe anti-Semite Casale. […]

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