Rob Long Got Bitch Slapped By Judge In Frivolous Lawsuit

August 13, 2023
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Rob Long Got Bitch Slapped By Judge In Frivolous Lawsuit Against Petrolia Sycophant

Rob Long Gets Bitch Slapped

Rob Long Palling Around With Fellow Emasculated Commissioner Ryan Boylston

Delray Beach politics is like “Dog Pile On The Rabbit” from the Looney Tunes cartoons. Politics in Delray Beach not for the faint at heart or for the cry-baby types. Needless to say, election campaigns for the commission get quite contentious to put it mildly. Well, actually, they’re like a fist fight breaking out in a mental institution.

This leads us to why a Palm Beach County Judge bitch slapped newly elected Commission Rob Long. 

This story began during Long’s campaign to unseat Juli Casale aka the fake Harvard alum. Casale was Mayor Petrolia’s chosen candidate. So, the power hungry Petrolia went all out. She recruited her usual band of crazies including local Petrolia sycophant Chris Davey.

You may remember Davie. He’s ran a stealth campaign against former commissioner Shirley Johnson in 2020 trying to portray himself as being African-American. Davey is actually is a middle age obnoxious white guy from the Jersey Shore.

Davie posted some comments on a private Facebook thread run by fellow Petrolia sycophant, Ingrid Lee in the days leading up to the election. The comments revolved around some of Long’s votes during his tenure on the Palm Beach Soil and Water Conservation District. 

Is Rob Long Just A Cry Baby?

As the thread progressed, Davey called Long corrupt. He also accused him of taking kickbacks. Any normal candidate would have risen above it and ignored it. However, Long went in the opposite direction and filed a frivolous lawsuit against Davie for defamation.

Long’s lawyer, David Markarian, should have never even filed this stinker of a case. So, it begs to ask, is Markarian the Lionel Hutz of the Palm Beach County legal scene? It’s doubtful. He probably just did it to make few bucks from Long. After all, commercial office rent in West Palm Beach isn’t cheap. 

So, after some minor legal fighting, Davey’s lawyer files a motion for summary judgment against this frivolous and idiotic lawsuit. Judge James Nutt agreed with Davey’s lawyer that Long’s lawsuit was garbage and on 7/20/2023, he granted Davie’s motion for summary judgment. 

Is Rob Long A Little Bitch?  You  Decide!

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