Shelly Petrolia Says She Cured Father’s Cancer With Facebook

February 8, 2022
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Delray Beach Mayor Shelly Petrolia Claims She Cured Her Father’s Cancer Using Facebook

Shelly Petrolia

Mayor Shelly Petrolia has spent her tenure as mayor thinking she’s Boss Hogg

Delray Beach Mayor Shelly Petrolia and her delusions of grandeur apparently have no bounds. Or, so we thought. After all, she has spent her tenure as mayor thinking she is Boss Hogg from the TV show, Dukes Of Hazzard. 

Yet, Petrolia’s latest claim shows she has apparently taken the crazy train to the twilight zone of nuttiness. 

Or as some Delray Beach residents have suggested, Petrolia and her Tommy Bahama enthusiast husband have watched way too much Benny Hinn.

For you unaware of who Benny Hinn is, he is a televangelist on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. He speaks in tongues and wacks people on the face or forehead with his palm “using” the power of Jesus to cure them of their ailments. Hinn’s mobster like handlers then drag the “healed recipients” off stage.

Behold The Healing Powers Of Shelly Petrolia!

Shelly Petrolia

Mayor Petrolia posted on Facebook that she miraculously cured her terminally ill father’s cancer

On Sunday, Mayor Petrolia posted on Facebook that she miraculously cured her terminally ill father’s cancer. She claims she used some miracle that she received in her Facebook newsfeed. 

Petrolia writes in her post that two years ago her father’s cancer had returned to his lungs. She also stated that her father’s prognosis was grim.

Petrolia claims doctors said Kenneth Embler had months or a year to live. This is a fraction of what they told him prior to his “radical” surgery a year before. 

Then one day soon after a miracle happened. A “gift” appeared in Petrolia’s Facebook feed. This unannounced and unanticipated gift miraculously appeared as if on cue inspired Petrolia to declare it a true miracle. 

Fast Forward to this weekend and Petrolia writes:

Last week, my dad received results of yet another clean PET scan fast approaching 3 years since surgery and 2 years since he took that leap of faith.

Shelly Petrolia’s Lips Are Sealed About Her Miracle Treatment

What was Shelly Petrolia’s mysterious treatment she gave her father? Was it from a voodoo priestess Shelly’s husband knew from his days as a young rathskellian in the Louisiana bayou? Was it Benny Hinn? Or, was it from a witch doctor?

Whatever this mystic Facebook gift is, Petrolia is keeping tight lipped about it. She isn’t sharing what the gift was or the secrets it possesses for curing cancer. So, it could all be bullshit. It’s Shelly Petrolia. So, who knows?

However, we sincerely wish Mr. Embler well and we’re also glad to hear he’s feeling better. 

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