Did Delray Beach Commissioner Juli Casale Attend Harvard?

May 15, 2022
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One Of The Biggest Mysteries About Delray Beach Commissioner Juli Casale Is Her Claim That She Attended Harvard University. But Did She?

Delray Beach Commissioner Juli CasaleHarvard. One of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. Many have tried to get in. However, only a lucky few have succeeded. Contrary to what Delray Beach Commissioner Juli Casale claims, she was not one of the lucky few to walk Harvard Yard as a student.

Casale likes to brag about walking the streets of Cambridge, Massachusetts. She very well may have. However, what she was doing while and why she “walked” those streets is anyone’s guess. But it wasn’t as a Harvard University student.

Harvard University has no record of Casale receiving a Bachelors Degree from the University. The Harvard Alumni website also does not list her as being a graduate.

Yet, this doesn’t stop Casale from insisting she went to Harvard University. During her 2020 election for the commission, Juli Casale continually made claims of having a “liberal arts” degree from Harvard University. She also claims she was on the Dean’s List while attending Harvard. Additionally, she bragged about graduating “Cum Laude.”

Casale meticulously scrubbed the internet of her life prior to 2019. This allowed her to write her own biography. She could lace it with as much bullshit as she wanted. This of course allows her to mislead people about having an Ivy League education. This also allows her to make people think she once owned a fictional multi-million dollar business. 

Scrubbing the internet of your past, doesn’t mean someone can’t find out about your past. It just means it is harder to research and more time consuming. But it can be done. You have to do it the old fashioned way like Barnaby Jones. In Juli Casale’s case, her crazy behavior drops a lot of bread crumbs. These bread crumbs make researching her past a lot easier. 

Delray Beach Commissioner Juli Casale Took Continuing Ed Classes At The Harvard Extension School

Delray Beach Commissioner Juli Casale

Records from Harvard show Juli Casale took online non-credit Continuing Education classes.

Harvard University knows they have a powerful brand name. So, like other universities, they decided to exploit it for all it’s worth.

Harvard decided to start an extension school. The extension school offers everything from summer camps for kids, non-credited continuing education classes for realtors and everything in between.

Harvard began offering Associates Degrees (community college degrees) and Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies degrees as well about 20 years ago.

Although, the extension school is part of the university, the degrees don’t hold as much weight. The diplomas have a different crest on them and they state “Harvard Extension School” not “Harvard University.”

Harvard Extension School on their own website gives guidance on how to list the diploma. The school warns against implying that it is a true Harvard diploma. In other words, it is as academically worthy as a gold sticker earned during a defensive driving seminar at a local mall.

Harvard Extension School diplomas are written in English not Latin. Harvard University like most other Ivy League schools have diplomas written in Latin. Anyone who has a degree from an Ivy League school can attest to this. 

Harvard Confirms Casale Only Had An Associates Degree From The Extension School In 2020

Delray Beach Commissioner Juli Casale

An email from the Harvard Extension School indicates Juli Casale did not have a Bachelor’s Degree in 2020.

Harvard’s Continuing Education Department does confirm a Juli A. Casale took online continuing education courses from June 2006 through May 2021.

Casale repeatedly claimed during her 2020 election that she has a Bachelor’s Degree from Harvard University.

However, Harvard records contradict this. Records indicate she did not have a Bachelors Degree when she she ran for Delray Beach Commission in 2020. She did earn an Associates Degree from the Extension School in May 2011. 

The Extension School did say that Casale was working on a Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree with an anticipated completion date of May 2021.

However, it is unknown if she completed the course work. But don’t expect to get a straight answer of Commissioner Casale.

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