Delray Beach Police Officer Arrested

October 12, 2022
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Maniac Delray Beach Police Officer Peter Sosa Arrested On Seven Charges Including Three Felonies

Delray Beach Police Officer

Delray Beach Police Officer Peter Sosa

The PBSO arrested Delray Beach police officer on seven charges including aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer. The arrest stemmed from a residential fire near his home in Lake Worth Beach.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Peter Sosa on Sunday. He immediately posted a surety bond at the jail Sunday night.

He made a first appearance Monday and his bond conditions were modified Friday by Judge Howard Coates. The court ordered Sosa to have no contact with the victim or family members. Judge Coates also ordered him to have no contact with witnesses or family members. The court also ordered him to surrender of any firearms to PBSO within 24 hours. The court scheduled and arraignment for October 21st.

Delray Beach Police Spokesman Ted White told the media that Sosa is an officer. White stated Sosa previously served as a detective. However, he is on administrative leave after the arrest.

PBSO charged Sosa with aggravated assault on several first responders. They also charged him with felony criminal mischief of $1,000 or more. In addition to felonious prevention or obstructing extinguishment of a fire. In addition, PBSO charged him with four misdemeanor counts of failure to obey a law enforcement officer.

On Sunday, deputies and Palm Beach Fire Rescue responded to a residential fire at 50 Barberton. First responders reported that there was an active fire in the back of the residence in the shed’s roof.

Besides fire rescue equipment, there were six to eight deputies parked along the street, according to the arrest report.

What Was Delray Beach Police Officer Peter Sosa Thinking? 

delray beach police officerFirst responders say Sosa was seen driving a 2010 Mazda out of his driveway near the house fire.

The arrest report said the roadway was not drivable because of a water line from a hydrant. Sosa drove his vehicle along a grassy swale. Thus, crossing driveways and attempting to circumvent the hoses and equipment.

Numerous deputies and fire personnel attempted to stop Sosa. However, Sosa made “tire marks in the grass where he spun revving the tires attempting to antagonize the deputies,”

Deputies gave Sosa and order to stop. Sosa ignored those orders and attempted to back into his driveway. The occupants exited the vehicle.

The report states Sosa entered a 2011 Ford Expedition and drove toward the end of the driveway. Sosa began driving his vehicle through yards and grass areas until he entered the roadway.

He drove over a fire hose. Thus, puncturing it and interrupting the fire suppression to his crew. Consequently, Galloway unsuccessfully attempted to stop the vehicle.

PBSO deputy attempted to stop Sosa when he drove his vehicle north on Barberton. However, Sosa drove on the grass to flee the area. 

A deputy attempted to stop Sosa in his vehicle. However, she was forced to move out of his way to avoid being struck by his vehicle,

The suspect drove around the cruiser. Thus, going on the grass and off the road.

The deputy then got into her patrol car and followed Sosa on Lake Worth Road. Both vehicles were stopped at a red light at the entrance of Florida’s Turnpike. The vehicles proceeded, Sosa then slammed on his brakes about 150-200 feet west of the intersection. This caused the deputy’s vehicle to lock up and swerve around him.

The deputy ultimately stopped Sosa and arrested him.

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