Gayle Clark: Delray Beach’s Golden Girl And Her Golden Showers

March 1, 2022
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Delray Beach Doesn’t Need Lawn Sprinkers Thanks To Mayor’s Gal Pal And Delray Beach Golden Girl Gayle Clark

Welcome to Delray Beach, home of one Beverly Gayle Clark. Clark goes by her middle-name Gayle. She is a well known through out Delray Beach as Mayor Shelly Petrolia’s gal pal.

However, Clark has become legendary for her activities around town. Most notably are her nocturnal emissions. Delray Beach residents have said she enjoys urinating on local lawns. Several neighbors in the Palm Trail / Downtown neighborhood have seen her squatting and peeing on lawns.

When confronted, Clark explains that she is ‘communing with nature’ or some other new age craziness. Let’s face it. She’s probably just drunk.

This of course may be the root cause of Clark’s infamy throughout Delray Beach. 

Gayle Cark: DINO MAGA Supporter

Gayle ClarkClark is no stranger to the media. The Palm Beach Post featured registered Democrat Clark in full MAGA attire at a 2016 Trump Rally

Clark wasn’t just a run of the mill Trump supporter. She was a true Trumpette in every sense of the meaning. Clark would dolled up in her MAGA apparel whenever Trump came to Florida. 

Clark was there to cheer on Trump supprters beating up protesters. When Trump incited the crowd with Nazi rhetoric, Gayle Clark was there cheering on Trump.

Fast forward to 2021 and she’s attacking mayoral candidate Tracy Caruso on social media for supporting Trump. Despite her obvious Trump fan-dom, Clark criticized her bosom buddy’s mayoral opponent for allegedly supporting Trump.

“Jeff Was Best When He Was In The Hospital.”

Gayle made waves during the 2021 mayoral election when she sent a disturbingly nasty email mocking former mayor Jeff Perlman. At the time, Perlman was recovering from a lengthy hospital stay due to COVID-19.

The Sexual Appetites Of Golden Girl Gayle Clark 

Gayle ClarkClark is also no stranger to the Delray Beach bar scene and is notorious for her sexual exploits. A former elected official once described her as a, “Nympho.”

She is a cougar likes to prey on men in their 20s and 30 who are into Gerontophilia aka “Senior Sizzle.”

Is this Golden Girl’s voracious sexual appetites the key for her youthful appearance? Perhaps it is her mostly vegan diet. Clark is frequently posts grotesque animal abuse photos on her Facebook page.

Various online sources list Clark’s birth date as May 21, 1976. This suggests hat she is only 45 years old. Multiple arrest and traffic records confirm that Gayle Clark is indeed 73 years old.

Clark and her ex-husband Rickey Teal had quite the rocky marriage. Court records appear to make their marriage look like a  Looney Tunes cartoon or Three Stooges skit. Unfortunately, the marriage resulted in bruises and broken limbs. Court records show both Teal and Clark hafd filed at least a half dozen domestic assault charges against each other from 1990 through their divorce in 2014. 

Drinking and Driving Don’t Mix, Blanche

Gayle also has multiple alcohol fueled traffic fiascos in her record.

Police arrested Clark in August 2009 after an incident on Atlantic Avenue. Clark crashed her car into another car.

The other driver followed her until she got out and approached him slurring. Then she ran back to her car and drove to a friend’s house on Marine Way where she ditched her car.

In February 2010 Gayle was again in trouble with the law: she was driving on a suspended license in Boynton Beach.

In August 2015 Gayle plowed her Hyundai into another vehicle in Boynton Beach.

Is Gayle Clark A Deadbeat?

Gayle also has a history of spinning the courthouse doors at the Palm Beach County Courthouse during her time in Delray Beach.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA foreclosed on a home that Gayle owned in Palm Beach Gardens in 2012.

Gayle also lost a Delray Beach home to a foreclosure in 2010 to Wells Fargo.

That same Delray Beach property also featured in an eviction case where Gayle threw out her tenant, a local bartender.

In January 2015 Gayle rented a property in West Palm Beach with a Richard Geist. The landlord evicted them three months later for refusing to pay their rent. Geist also has a long record of evictions, criminal, and traffic infractions, most recently an eviction from a $450 per month trailer in West Palm Beach.

Oh, Mamma Mia! Watch Your Step!

In June 2007, Gayle allegedly fell in a puddle inside the door of Caffe Luna Rosa in Delray Beach. She subsequently sued the popular restaurant in 2008. The case dragged on for 2 years after Clark’s attorney quit. The court finally dismissed the case for lack of prosecution.

You can also read more scoop about the happenings in Delray Beach at Delray Beach Confidential.


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