Shelly Petrolia’s Legacy: The $60M Delray Beach Market Flops

September 7, 2022
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Shelly Petrolia’s Legacy: Whose Dumb Idea Was This Anyway?

Shelly Petrolia's Legacy

Mayor Shelly Petrolia doesn’t seem to understand why the Delray Beach Market is a major flop after all the tax breaks they received.

We have news that is shocking to absolutely no one. The Delray Beach Market appears to be on the verge of closing. No we’re not talking about the fly-infested strip mall way out on West Atlantic Avenue.

However, we’re talking about the Market at 33 SE 3rd Avenue. You know, Delray’s tacky and cheap imitation of the Philadelphia Bourse or Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

We’ve been hearing this for months. But, now we can confirm the Delray Beach Market is failing worse than Juli Casale in Ethics 101 at Harvard.

Delray Beach Market Has Become Mother Petrolia’s Hotel For The Homeless 

The Market is another full-block white elephant hospitality building. It is one of many such developments that Mayor Shelly Petrolia can count as her legacy. Along with a fleet of deserted hotels and empty entertainment venues (iPic?). All of which were ushered in with generous tax credits, easements, and variances. But, where’s the affordable housing Petrolia keeps promising? 

Maybe Petrolia considers the Delray Beach Market affordable housing. Hundreds of Delray Beach’s drug addicted and dirty homeless seem to love it. The venue’s dumpsters serve as a convenient  for pricy scraps. It’s also a convenient place stay cool and charge their cell phones. The smell of sweaty and dirty homeless permeates the air like the slums of Calcutta.

Shelly Petrolia’s Legacy: A Mall Food Court Without A Mall 

Who knew that an overpriced mall-style food court, sans mall, would be a colossal flop?

Who knew that a mall food court without the mall was a bad idea? Where will Delray natives and tourists now go for $24.99 fish and chips or $19 burgers?

Oh, right, where they have been going all along. NO ONE was ever interested in this 150,000 square foot hulking monstrosity just off the Avenue. Well, maybe Delray Beach’s non-voting homeless. 

This is another example of Shelly Petrolia giving tax breaks to businesses the city doesn’t want or need just to feed on her whimsical and delusional fantasies. 

A Surprise To… No One!

The downtown food court is about as unappealing as Commissioner Ryan Boylston’s flabby abs, and about as welcoming as his ‘welcome mat’ tattoo

Just what went wrong no one will say.

Was it the absurdly high prices? The awful food?

Perhaps the garish industrial junkyard decor?

Hard to pinpoint.

This was the brainchild of Menin. Menin was the developer behind the enormous flop and they have a fairly positive track record when it comes to successful developments.

The Market was the first major project for former City Commissioner Jordana Jarjura. Perhaps she was too districted by alleged paramour  Commissioner Ryan Boylston’s ‘welcome mat’ tattoo. What will  the local diva of development will do next with the hulking, hideous building?

What we do know is that the local homeless folks will have to drift their way back to the public library to charge their phones. Perhaps embattled Commissioner Juli Casale can ask some people from Boca Raton for their ideas of what to do with large, empty buildings in Delray Beach.



Jimmy C

This is a prime example of clueless and inept people that are in charge of making disastrous decisions. That mall had management people that had no business sense or clue on how to run that place. They shunned and didn’t respond to having live entertainment that was offered to them in the very beginning of their opening. This is fact as I made an offer to bring at least 40 to 60 people there if we did shows at the downstairs bar and we were not expensive. The mezz was another one not interested. You reaped what you have sowed. Overpriced subpar food with nothing else to offer to draw the people in.

AJ Gage

Worst food…..had a strange smell ….worst place ever!

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