Juli Casale Tales: Was Juli Casale A Former Stripper And Absentee Mom?

May 17, 2022
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The Juli Casale Tales From The Trailer Park: Deadbeat Stripper Juli Casale Allegedly Dumped Daughter With Grandma For Fun In The Florida Sun With Sugar Daddy Bob

Delray Beach Confidential received this new information for our Juli Casale: Tales From The Trailer Park novella over the weekend. The statement is from a woman claiming to be Juli Casale’s younger sister. 

We know Juli Casale has a younger sister who lives in Naples. However, we have not confirmed if she actually sent this.

Unfortunately, we can’t keep up with all the tips about Juli Casale we’ve received over the past few weeks. So keep that in mind when reading this. Here it is:

Juli Casale FilesJuli Casale is not a Harvard graduate. She barely graduated from High School.

I’m her younger sister. Juli’s abuse of our family and her own blood has me ready to spill the tea.

Juli was a stripper for many years until getting pregnant with her daughter Ashley. She has always treated Ashley like crap. She dumped Ashley off on our mother to raise.

Juli also barely even talks to Ashley. She is also abusive to Ashley by constantly dangling the trailer that burned down over her head.

Juli also charged Ashley premium rent to live in the trailer. She even charged her rent after the fire last year.

Juli married her now-husband after he found her in a strip club in Connecticut and became her primary client. Needless to say, our mother was very upset.

So Juli and Bob started a new life in Florida. They went over 10 years without even seeing or supporting her daughter, Ashley.

To this day, none of us have any idea who Ashley’s father is.

Juli Casale Tales From The Trailer Park: Juli’s “Daughter” Is Allegedly Her Granddaughter She Took Away From Her Daughter Ashley

Histrionic Personality DisorderYears before this, Ashley’s ex-husband was a drug-abusing jerk who beat Ashley almost daily. Ashley went to her mother for help. Instead of helping her, Juli kidnapped Ashley’s daughter Kiki.

Juli used her husband’s money to bring the abused and jobless Ashley to court to revoke her parental rights. Bob and Juli painted Ashley as a violently abusive mother just so Juli could raise Kiki.

Juli also had political ambitions in Florida. She figured it was easier to get elected if you’re a “family woman”.

This past year, Ashley overcame her past abuse and started a loving family. Now, Juli has done everything in her power to interfere. She’s hoping to get a new child to add to her collection by legally kidnapping this new baby as well.

Doctors diagnosed my sister with having Borderline Personality Disorder and Histrionic Personality Disorder. My sister has no business in politics and should never be allowed near children.

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