Ingrid Lee: The Candidate That No One Wants

June 19, 2022
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Political Gadfly Ingrid Lee Is Not The Answer To The Question That No One Asked…

Ingrid LeeIn Delray Beach, we are once again looking at challenging candidates for Commission Seat 4. Like last year’s mayoral race, we can look forward to the inane ramblings of Shelly Petrolia superfan Ingrid Lee.

A well-placed Delray insider succinctly describes the gadfly Lee, “Ingrid is the answer to the question no one asked.”

This is because Ingrid has ham-handedly attempted to insert himself into the conversation, even though she is a no one from nowhere who represents but a small group of loser Shelly groupies.

Lee is also known for proclaiming on Facebook about how she accidentally gave her sister the R. Kelly treatment when they were 7 years-old. She also likes to make comments like, “Think about this during your morning poop.”

Ingrid is definitely keeping it classy

Battle Of The Angies

Ingrid Lee

The Seat 4 Race is looking like a Battle of the Angies

Commission Seat 4 is historically reserved for black candidates. This is to ensure Delray Beach black community has a voice on the dais. This seat is currently  up for grabs in 2023 because Shirly Johnson is retiring. Right now, it is looking like it will be the, “Battle of the Angies.”

Angeleta “Angie” Gray was the first to file to run in 2023. Gray is a disgraced former commissioner. Locals may recall that she was drummed out of office facing ethical and legal charges thanks to Shelly Petrolia.

She faced charges of municipal corruption. Adam Frankel, then on a break from his perpetual seat on the commission, was her lawyer. Gray was later acquitted but the controversy of her actions still haunt city hall.

Angie Burns is a retired teacher who lives in the Set. After announcing her candidacy nearly a month ago, finally filed to run against Gray. A career educator in the community is clearly a better choice than an allegedly corrupt Angie Gray. Gray sold out and moved to a white neighborhood to be near her grifter gal pal Juli Casale.

Ingrid Lee: Another Petrolia Minion

Local Loudmouth Irritant Ingrid Lee Has Aspirations for City Commission

Into the fray comes, maybe, Ingrid Lee. Ingrid has clawed on the drapes of local politics for years like feral cat sucking up to Shelly Petrolia. Lee always claims to be neutral. Yet, she parrots every word that Petrolia says.

She also publishes pointless city announcements and videos on her Facebook group which has less than 800 members in total. She blocks and boots anyone who disagrees with her and her White Master Shelly Petrolia

Ingrid thinks she is qualified for Seat 4 because she considers herself to be black. She is actually only half Black at most. Her mother is an unlicensed non-practicing white Jewish lawyer named Carol Anderson. Why Anderson is not practicing is a subject of much discussion on Facebook.

Sometimes Ingrid and Carol pretend to be having a discussion on Facebook like they don’t know each other. Actually, they live together, in the same house. They live off a settlement from a car accident Ingrid’s brother was in years ago. Neither of them seem to work.

Ingrid does not and can not represent The Set. In fact, Ingrid doesn’t even use the name of the neighborhood. Like her puppet master Shelly, she calls it the NW/SW.

Is Ingrid Lee A White Jew Or Is She Black? 

Ingrid Lee’s White Jewish Mother Carol Anderson

Ingrid, her husband and her White Jewish mother live in the all-white neighborhood Bexley Park

Purportedly a Liberal Democrat, Ingrid brags about how she took both of her kids out of the public schools. She and her husband sent them to a private all-white school. She must think her kids are too good for Spady.

Ingrid pretends to be black when it suits her. She sometimes claims that she spent a ‘whole summer’ as an intern at some sort of Black cause in Harlem. Sure, Ingrid.

Ingrid spent a hot summer in Harlem with genuine “Colored folks,” as her pal, former Commissioner and neighbor Mitch Katz likes to say.

That makes your half white Jewish self qualified. Ultimately, Ingrid is just another user of the black community that she definitely doesn’t live in, represent or really care about.

Ingrid is nothing but a wannabe political player. Ultimately, Commission Seat 4 will come down to a battle of the Angies.

Let’s face it. Even though Ingrid Lee is half-Jewish, she doesn’t have the chutzpah to challenge Shelly-ally Gray.

Ingrid Lee: Challenge The Corrupt Casale, If You Dare.

If Ingrid Lee actually had a genuine regard for Delray Beach, she would run against Juli Casale. Casale’s seat is a more appropriate seat and Casale is beatable. Casale and Lee live in the same neighborhood. Both have kids in private school and both are white. Given Casale’s woes of late, Ingrid might have a good chance against the disgraced former stripper. At least Ingrid Lee actually went to college.

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