Dreamy Rob Long Would Be A Dream Come True As Delray Beach Commissioner

May 23, 2022
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Dreamy Rob Long: A Delray Beach Commissioner Fantasy That Could Come True 

Dreamy Rob LongThe 2023 Delray Beach city elections are approaching fast. So far, only one candidate has filed for each of the seats up of grabs. Controversial fraudster Juli Casale filed to run for re-election. Also, Angie Gray, once charged with municipal corruption, is running.

It has also become common knowledge that local rising star, the dreamy Rob Long is considering a run for the Commission. He hopes to unseat current embattled charlatan Juli Casale.

Long may also have skeletons of his own in his closet. However, he also presents a rare bravado and elegance never seen before in Delray Beach.

Rob Long Called Out The Trouble In Delray’s Water

Rob Long Pride FlagLong raised the issue of PFAS in the Delray Beach water supply. Ever the reactionary dilettante, Casale sought to have him removed from the Planning and Zoning Board. Yet, the popular Long persevered and held his position. He also serves valiantly as the chair of the Palm Beach Soil and Water Conservation District.

This year, a former Delray Beach water inspector sued the city for wrongful termination. Christine Ferrigan claims that she was fired after raising concerns about city water.

In her whistleblower lawsuit she alleges that she was harassed and intimidated. Ferrigan claims the city has a culture of retribution that trickles down from the Mayor and Commissioners. Her son was also fired from a city job.

Days after Ferrigan’s lawsuit, Long came forward to talk about his own experience with retribution politics in Delray Beach. Long told local television news about what happened to him. He very publicly criticized the water situation. Long raised the issue of PFAS, forever chemicals in the water, and the concerns of a scientific group called PEER.

Immediately after Long raised these issues, trouble arose. Petrolia and Casale went gunning for Long. They tried, unsuccessfully, to remove Long from the Planning and Zoning Board. The P&Z board is a favorite place where the Mayor and nincompoop Casale like to stick their friends including the reprehensible imbecile Chris Davie, who once circulated pictures portraying himself as Black (he is White) when running for a commission seat.

Dreamy Rob Long Has Superior Qualifications

Juli Casale

Delray Beach Commissioner Juli Casale lied about attending Harvard University

Unlike Casale, dreamy Rob Long actually went to college. Long graduated from Penn State University’s College of Engineering. He also attained an MBA from University of Florida. Casale falsely claims that she went to Harvard. In actuality she bought a worthless junior college-level certificate online.

Further, Long has a very clear, obvious, and traceable history unlike Casale. His professional resume is publicly available on LinkedIn and his story actually checks out. He has worked diligently in the private and public sector and founded his own business in 2018. 

Casale claims to have started and subsequently sold a business for ‘millions’ in Connecticut. Casale has repeatedly declined to name the business or even explain the nature of it. Connecticut state records do not show any business tied to Casale. Casale’s own sister reports that prior to moving to Delray Beach she was a stripper in the New Haven, CT. She met her now husband a then patron of the seedy titty bar.

Mortgage Controversy

Dreamy Rob LongLong’s opposition is likely to try to smear him with accusations of mortgage fraud. When Long purchased his home in Delray Beach in 2020, his ersatz girlfriend Alexandria Ayala Montalvo purchased the property with him and co-signed on the mortgage.

At the time Long’s wonderful startup company was only 2 years old and he may have needed Ayala’s income to help qualify for the loan. Shortly afterwards he bought her out of the home. This is no different than Casale’s mooching free housing off of her shyster lawyer husband.

The most problematic part of the mortgage story is really an indictment on Long’s long-time female companion Alexandria Ayala Montalvo. Long, who is well-known to be a bisexual, has publicly dated the AOC-wannabe Ayala for some time.

She signed a purchase money mortgage application with Long to help him purchase his home in Delray Beach as a primary residence for both of them. However, at the time, Ayala was (and still is) an elected member of the Palm Beach County school board. School board seats are geographically based. So, when Long’s beard made her residence in Delray Beach, she was no longer living in the district that she represented. 

Dreamy Rob Long Gets Our Endorsement

Dreamy Rob LongThe tall, handsome young engineer is a fabulous choice for seat for several reasons.

Long consistently shows fortitude against the vile machine of city and county politics. And not since the grotesque gastropod Mitch Katz faced off against the dishy Ryan Boylston has there been such a mismatched pair of opponents.

The lithe and limber Long gloriously outshines the frumpy fraud Casale with her cheap breast implants and permanent dour facial expression. Long’s charms might even win over the determined Mayor Shelly Petrolia.

If Long gets elected, he will become the first LGBTQ+ commissioner in the history of Delray Beach. Thus, adding much needed flair and perspective to the dreariness of Tuesday commission meetings.


Brandon Suquet

Pick a lane dude! You pro LGBTQIA+? Seems like it with this fluff piece.

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You obviously don’t know Rob Long!

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